Absentee Blogger.

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You may have noticed my infrequent postings….What do you mean who are you again?

I use to write all the time and the main reason was…what the hell else did I have to do?

Now I actually have a part-time job, besides my school stuff and life has gotten a bit more busy.

What is this most important job? This exciting new career?

I am helping to feed my community by offering them wholesome and not -so-wholesome foods at a reasonable prices. Okay, I’m a part-time grocery clerk , but it pays the bills.

Chicago, IL August 2013: An international supermarket selling fresh grocery and frozen items  in Chicago on August 1st 2013. Consumption of fresh produce is on the rise due to growing health awareness - stock photo


Anything new in your world?


I’m Screamer…Guest Post.

I have a brother…I have three actually.. my youngest brother has sent me a parody….

Good grief what is wrong with your family!

I don’t have time for that! 

I bet you don’t!

Thank you, Oliver ( that’s my wittle brothers name) for guest posting with this funny and witty parody:

I’m a Screamer to the tune of I’m a believer written by Niel Diamond as sung by the Monkees.


I thought witches were only true in fairy tales…something made up I-Mag-I Nary, but, one was out to get me(doo, doo, doo, da doo) that’s the way it seemed disappointed haunted are my dreams…

Then I saw her face, now I’m a screamer!

Wish I could erase the sight from my mind!

I cried Ugh! Ahhh Ohhh I grabbed the meat clever but,
I couldn’t reach her but, I tried!



I tried my very hardest to look away but, the more I saw the worst it got!

Now I am crying, her face causes me pain!

I don’t think I’ll ever be the same!

Since I saw her face, I’m a screamer!

Wish I Could erase the sight from my mind!



I cried Ugh! Ahhh! Ohhh I grabbed the meat cleaver but, I couldn’t reach her but, I tried!

(solo)…But, one was out to get me that’s the way it seemed disappointed haunted are my dreams cause I saw her face now I’m a screamer!

Wish I could erase the sight from my mind!

I’m screamer Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m a screamer!(fade out).


Now here is the Monkees with the ordinal version:


Anything ever make you scream? If you liked this post give my  brother some love in the comments below.


New Worlds.

RUSSIA - CIRCA 1926s: Antique photo shows studio portrait of Family,  circa 1926s - stock photo

Today, I thought I would try writing  a fictional  story in ten sentences ; hope you enjoy it.

All we wanted was a better life and so we packed up our belongings and we sailed to the new world.

We crammed ourselves into a tenement which was too small for one and we had three and one on the way.

Ivan worked long hours that barely paid the butcher and so I took in washing and Natasha went to school only there she was called Nellie.

We didn’t know the language and so Natasha was our hope, our interpreter, our guide; strange that roles reversed in this strange country and now the child must lead the parents.

It was raining the day Peter was born;  husband was working and so, I was left in the charge of Sarah down the hall with her hands cold as ice; her voice rough and scolding.

Peter thrived and I lived ;the years went by, only the children changed through the many years of drudgery and poverty.

The children grew up, Natasha , now officially Nelly, married an engineer named Harry and Peter died in 1913  at 17 young years, it wasn’t bullets, but influenza that took his young life away.

We lived a long life with 3 granddaughters , all with American names, to delight in and to take pride in.

Ivan went to be with the Lord in the year 1947 at 75 ; five years later Harry died of a heart-attack just 2 weeks before his third grandson was born.

Now, I lie here, 10 years later, a frail old woman dying with the old dear faces of the departed surrounding me ,greeting me, guiding me to another new world.

I Want New Shoes…I Want Them so Bad…

Another parody set to a Beatle’s song?

Afraid so.

I am beginning to think you believe they are the only group that has every existed!!

The only one that really counts, anyway.

Retro photo of pink, yellow and red shoes - stock photo

I Want New Shoes. (To the tune of: I Want You, by The Beatles)

I want new shoes

I want them so bad

I want new shoes

I want them so bad

It’s driving me mad

It’s driving me mad

variety of the colorful leather shoes in the shop - stock photo


I want them so bad

I want new shoes

I want them so bad

It’s driving me mad

It’s driving me mad


Colorful high heels frame - stock photo

I want new shoes

I want them so bad

I want new shoes

I want them so bad

It’s driving me mad

It’s driving me mad


An Abstract of One Hundred Dollar Bills with Narrow Depth of Field. - stock photo

But, I don’t have no money

No money, money, money


female legs in fashion shoes. isolated on a white background - stock photo

I want new shoes

I want them so bad

I want new shoes

I want them so bad

It’s driving me mad

It’s driving me mad

Set of Colorful fashion women's shoes,open shoes,High heel shoes ,gorgeous shoes,open toe shoes hang on a ribbon.Design template for Big sale.Casual and festive.Fashion illustration,vector - stock vector I want new shoes

I want them so bad

I want new shoes

I want them so bad

It’s driving me mad

It’s driving me mad


I’m so…..broke


What do you want so bad it is driving you mad?




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I asked for guest posts and I got what I asked for.

The invitation was answered by a friend  brave enough to be the first “official” guest blogger. She has a granddaughter she is raising and offers a humorous. look at what it is like trying to fulfill that role.

So, take it away Marilyn:

Wow, an opportunity to post on Rachael’s Blog, I accept the challenge, are you ready for this everyone? Well keep reading any way!!

A picture of a young depressed woman tearing out her hair over white background - stock photo

Trying to entertain a 3-year-old at my age is becoming not only a challenge, but absolutely silly sometimes! There are days I want to pull my hair out, or run away from home! But alas, I cannot do this. I have a beautiful grandchild that keeps me so busy and very much entertained I thought I would share a day in the life of WHAT GRANDMA WAS TODAY…..

Woken out of a dead sleep at 7 am is NOT my idea of fun!

I dragged myself up to find this child feeding herself breakfast, aka, a “brownie” or a cupcake! When I asked the child where she got it, she said it was in her room. OK, brownies in your room, hum.

Still not awake I let it slide……

Small girl with chocolate smeared all over her face and fingers. - stock photo

On to the next activity. So far I have worn a Burger King crown, while watching “wed widing hood” skip in and out of the room with her basket, scared away the big bad wolf, by way of the bathroom window, captured a huge creature in my bathtub with some toilet paper, and gave it a burial at sea, via the flush feature.

I have helped to create a masterpiece work of art using only my fingers and a touch screen tablet, added virtual stickers such as little chickens, stars, hearts, suns, and the color pink. (all while pretending I had my eyes closed because it was supposed to be a surprise!)
Enter the noise maker of the week. A toy guitar, which is so annoying and loud I had to pretend it was broken and hide it under the bed. I was the audience for a show last night, which started with this 3-year-old, wearing pink sparkle sunglasses, a tutu, and a headband around her waist, clearing her throat and asking “are you ready to rock and roll?”!

little blond girl playing electric guitar hardcore - stock photo


That sound was me leaving my laptop to chase after said child who just looked at me and said she was driving her car, also known as her toy shopping cart.

Bring on the questions!! Why are you doing that? Why?

Crayons are not lipstick.
Walls are not paper.
Potty’s are not always for well, pottying.

Step stools are stages for performing.
The toy chair for the castle is too small for anyone to use as seat.
Grandma is too heavy to be pushed in a stroller.
Because I just hugged you five times two minutes ago.
No, mountains can’t talk, there is no boogie man, we already chased him away, not he’s not in the closet, or under the bed.

hiding from closet monster (search the word nikos for more) - stock photo


Since I am starting to ramble, I will end it with this…..

If you want something to eat, you go to the Happy meal store.
If you need pink toilet paper, you buy it at the pink toilet paper store.
If you need a tiara you buy it at the tiara store.

If you need to get any sleep, you better do it between 12 am and 6 am because after that, forget all about doing anything, but entertaining a precious little child who has not a care in the world, and loves me unconditionally!

If you enjoyed this as much as I did give Marilyn some love in the comments below. I think she should write a blog: The Adventure’s of Grandma”

Lazy or Write my Blog Post.


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I feel lazy today, so I was wondering if anyone wants to write a blog post for me?

It better not be dumb…well any dumber than this one,that is. Anybody should be able to do that.

It can’t be 3 pages long,either. I tried that once, big flop.

You’ll have to watch your mouth a bit, I got three older sister who read this….rarely,but hell,you never know and then I will get a big sister lecture and you don’t want that on your conscious do you? (Yes, I realize I am in my late 40′s, problem is they don’t)

What about my kids?…yeah, like they ever read it.

It better be mildly funny….yes, like this… I’m thinking even Al Gore would have a shot at coming up with something.

Oh,you have better things to do? I’m thinking that includes most of the planet.

Check out my new guest page if you seriously would like to contribute something to the blog.



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I have been struggling to think of things to write about, isn’t easy when your life is one big snore.
I cleaned the bathroom today, which was pretty ambitious for me. I am beginning to think once a month isn’t cutting it.
Yesterday, I potted some tomatoes; hopefully they will produce something more than vines.
Almost done with my math classes 3 more weeks, thank God!
I wrote a little more on a book I’m always working on and never seem any closer to finishing.
Talked to friends on FB; which explains the not getting any closer to finishing the book.
I read a few blogs, commented on at least one.
Raked my yard and then gave up.
Watched some videos and a documentary on the end of WWII; that was the highlight of the week so far.
Checked my email, didn’t get many. Does anyone email anymore?
So, you see “one big snore” and not at all interesting to read about.
Why am I boring you with this…I’ll tell you…I don’t know.

This really a pitiful post so I will leave you with this: