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Target Store Now Contains Nuts

There is a big debate over bathroom usage here in the United States right now.

I am not getting into that, because no matter what side of the bathroom door you come down on, somebody is going to send you hate mail.

Call me a coward (Hey, I didn’t mean that literally!) but just not something I am going to debate, sorry if it disappoints you, but it really isn’t the point of this blog post anyhow.

I believe in the right for you to believe in whatever it is you do, but what I find intolerable is this:

If you really are a pastor then there are plenty of churches, or you could rent a private building or buy some air time/radio time to do your preaching in/on.

But storming into the Local Target?

And what the heck good will this little one person crusade do anyway?

Do you really think the vast hordes (in this case there weren’t any) of shoppers are now going to leave in droves clutching small children in their arms and telling everyone not to look back?


I have known some great pastors and they ain’t wasting their time preaching nonsense at Target.

They are worried about the teen aged kid in their congregation that is clinging to life in the ICU after a motorcycle accident and comforting the family.

They are making visits to elderly congregation members who can no longer make it to services.

They are giving of themselves in a hundred ways you never see.

So, no, I am not here to bash any real preachers.

But I don’t think  a smug woman or a man walking into a public store acting like a  fool in the name of ‘religion’ is really ‘preaching’.

All she managed to do was get a few seconds of fame and accomplished nothing of any lasting value or significance.


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I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

Jump For Joy clip art - vector clip art online, royalty free ...

I am not a big Katy Perry fan.
But, when I zumba one of the routine is to “Roar” and after awhile you cannot help but learn the lyrics.

Now, I will admit the part about “I got the eye of the tiger/dancing through the fire” makes little sense to me.

But, I identify with a bit of it.

This for example: “I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath
Scared to rock the boat and make a mess
So I sit quietly, agree politely
I guess that I forgot I had a choice”

And this: “You held me down, but I got up
Get ready ’cause I’ve had enough
I see it all, I see it now”

I am,from time to time,going to rock that boat. (It needs rocking from time to time)
I do have a choice and that choice is to not be held down, because, frankly, I have had enough.
I know my worth and once a woman knows that, then they “can see it all” and will take nothing less than respect from now on.

What is your definition of respect? Are you going to roar? Make sure it is not in the library.

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Sad Little Girl Gets Kicked in the Ass.

If you have ever had self-esteem issues, but are constantly trying to get over them your dialogue with yourself may look something like this: (If you are sane, maybe not)

Sad little Rachael girl: I can’t do that people will be mad at me if I do what I want, when I want, and how I want.

Kickyouinthe@ss Rachael: They are still mad at you when you do it their way, when they say, and how they say. You might as well do what you want and find people who respect that.

Sad little Rachael girl: I want to be happy and I can’t, so I will brood until I am miserable instead.

Kickyouinthe@ss Rachael: And this helps you how, girl?

Sad little Rachael girl: If I could make this person love and respect me, then I would be happier.
Kickyouinthe@ss Rachael: If you cannot be happy on your own or respect yourself, then you will never be made happy and you cannot make anyone, anywhere, at anytime do what you want them to! You can and must control yourself.
Sad little Rachael girl: I am afraid to try.

Kickyouinthe@ss Rachael: Now, Girl we are all afraid, the difference is that happy people go ahead anyway and find that most of their fears were unfounded. So you get out there and do what you need to do. You’ll be okay, promise.

Are you super confident, working on it, or have a long way to go? You’ll make it, I promise!

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Not Quite Suess 2

A Long time ago I posted the first not quite Seuss poem.
Today I bring another one entitled:

It is hard to give when it is all that you do.

A Vector Cute Cartoon Red Angry Face - stock vector
It is hard to give when it is all you do
You soon forget you need things too
It is hard at times when you live
In a world that takes and won’t give
You want to be selfish; you want to be mean
You are so tired of the things that you’ve seen
Where no one is grateful and all they do is complain
When you try so hard to be kind, but others like to send rain
You say to yourself enough is enough!
I have had with all this bad natured stuff!
So, you shut yourself down and you go hide
But, after awhile you feel like you’ve died
It is not your way to live a life of hate
And for you to change into that is much, much too late
You may be deceived; people may say you’re not wise
But, it is impossible, now, not to be a nice guy
Yes, we’ve heard it before how nice guys are last
Of how being a selfish jerk is such a blast
Perhaps that is so, but I think it’s not
Do that too long and your soul starts to rot
So, though giving cost much and being kind can backfire
I will still shun the low road and keep taking the higher
The only difference that ever will be
Is that I will also take time to be nice to me.

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Well Hello Polly!

happy lady in flowersI am turning into a bit of a Pollyanna…I am so damnit!
Okay, possibly not that much…
But, what I have learned, from the many hurts I have had over the last few years, may seem a bit pollyannish to you on-the-edge badass types.
What have I learned?
You can take what has hurt you and learn from it, you can choose to be kind in an unkind world, and you can do all that is possible on your side to be happy.
Then again, you could play the glad game:

I would not recommend it, but you could if you are feeling particularly sappy.

Has life taught you anything new? Are you happy? Do you play the glad game?

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Make Her Stay up All Night.

Pointing Baby Girl (Vector) - stock vector
My granddaughter is cuter than this.

A new little girl came into the world on August 12th at 8:21 a.m.

The cutest baby in the world!

Yep, you guessed it, I am a grandma now!

I wish I could give you photographic evidence to prove she is indeed the world’s most beautiful baby, but I do not have permission from the parents.

You’ll just have to take my word for it. 

I plan on being the world’s most hip grandma. (I already blew that by using the word “hip” didn’t I?)

I have already played her The Talking Heads:

She liked it, I could tell.

Next will be The Clash:

 The Police:

And my corruption of her tiny mind will not end there….there will be Weird AL:

If that last one doesn’t do it nothing will. Mwahahaha……………………


What is new in your world?

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Caught in the Groove

Girl dancing with headphones, illustration - stock vector

I am living with my sister now,  my finances got pretty bad.

It is a hotel suite, which isn’t bad, but as you can imagine is a bit cramped.

But, that is not the real story and it isn’t that funny, either. 😉

I have been getting up early to roam the hallways, to jog up the stairs, and take care of some restlessness.

I am pretty quiet about it and the hotel is in a small town that is not very busy, so I am not disturbing anyone.

Today, I decided that I would plug my earphones into the portable device I have with me to listen to some music while I did my daily round about.

The top third floor is not occupied, so I thought why not groove a bit while I wandered the hallway?

I was having a great time. On my third trip up, I spotted it…the surveillance camera. :/