Valentine’s Missed



No longer having a SO, I did not really celebrate the day other than making a heart shaped cake me and my daughter shared.

To be honest the last few Valentine’s were a pantomime of you Lost That Loving Feeling, so it was a relief , in a way, to not have to pretend to be happily in a relationship when I wasn’t happy at all.

I did enjoy the day this year.

Even despite having to work.

The only physical contact was a high five from a guy at work who thought my stupid pun was funny.

It was about chicken and was a rather fowl one…

Anyway, I believe love comes in all packages.

To limit love to romance narrows its boundaries.

Romance is lovely and if you have it then you are lucky, but if you do not there is no need to go down to the depths of sorrow.

Sure, it is hard when you see all the lovey dovey posts on FB , but remember every day is not one full of admiration and hearts.

Relationships are hard.

You have to work at them or they don’t work.

So, I did not spend the day crying over that no one was mine and I did not get roses.

I spent the day doing what I needed to do and staying relatively happy about it.

I have come to the conclusion that one of the greatest things about being single on Valentines Day is that you can buy your heart-boxed shaped of chocolate the next day at 60-70% off and you don’t have to share it.

So, whether you missed it, ignored it, or enjoyed it …hope it was a great day for you.




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