Target Store Now Contains Nuts

There is a big debate over bathroom usage here in the United States right now.

I am not getting into that, because no matter what side of the bathroom door you come down on, somebody is going to send you hate mail.

Call me a coward (Hey, I didn’t mean that literally!) but just not something I am going to debate, sorry if it disappoints you, but it really isn’t the point of this blog post anyhow.

I believe in the right for you to believe in whatever it is you do, but what I find intolerable is this:

If you really are a pastor then there are plenty of churches, or you could rent a private building or buy some air time/radio time to do your preaching in/on.

But storming into the Local Target?

And what the heck good will this little one person crusade do anyway?

Do you really think the vast hordes (in this case there weren’t any) of shoppers are now going to leave in droves clutching small children in their arms and telling everyone not to look back?


I have known some great pastors and they ain’t wasting their time preaching nonsense at Target.

They are worried about the teen aged kid in their congregation that is clinging to life in the ICU after a motorcycle accident and comforting the family.

They are making visits to elderly congregation members who can no longer make it to services.

They are giving of themselves in a hundred ways you never see.

So, no, I am not here to bash any real preachers.

But I don’t think  a smug woman or a man walking into a public store acting like a  fool in the name of ‘religion’ is really ‘preaching’.

All she managed to do was get a few seconds of fame and accomplished nothing of any lasting value or significance.




I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

4 thoughts on “Target Store Now Contains Nuts

    1. Well I find nothing wrong with people sharing what they believe, but I don’t think this was about that, more like look at me you are evil and I am so Holy. More likely to discourage people than to make converts that way.

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