I Am Too a Lady, Damnit!

Everyone knows that Facebook tests are the most accurate and reliable source to find out  how this or that you are.
No, I am not on acid, why do you ask?
Recently, I took the: How lady-like are you test.
I failed at least I think I did?
Those folks on Facebook like to positive spin everything, but I know the truth, if you are trying to find out how lady-like you are then the aim of the test is to get 100% lady-like.
This is what I did get:
“You are one of the guys”
“OK, so you are not the classiest lady, but you are all fun.
Your friends are never bored with you around and it is your job to teach those girly girls to learn how to loosen up a bit”
Up to this point, I really thought I was lady-like?
I love make-up, shoes, and prefer a dress or skirt to jeans or slacks. I have tried to be gentle and kind most of my life.
I will admit , however, to having a sarcastic sense of humor at times, that I have been known to swear some, and I on occasion been known to say something inappropriate.
I am glad Facebook makes these test up or I would forever be deluded into thinking I was pretty damn lady-like.

Have you taken a Facebook test? Happy with the results?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

9 thoughts on “I Am Too a Lady, Damnit!

  1. I think it is a joke. I got “I am Ladylike.” Well, if anyone knows me, they know how far from the truth that one is. I swear like a sailor, prefer slacks/jeans/sweatpants over jeans, rather be hiking in the woods than shopping and although I do like to cook, I rarely do it. Stupid test

    1. Unfortunately, I am a bit boringly girly. 😉 The test was rigged, my tomboy sister got 100% ladylike. And you are right she is not boring.

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