Another New Year

A couple more days and it will be a brand new year.
Last year people made promises to do better this year and like all the years before they failed at some of those resolutions.
They didn’t take off the weight, give up cigars, or learn a new language as they planned.
What they did was hope and without hope life is not very pleasant.
So, now we will have a brand new year of hopes.
A brand new year mingled with both smiles and tears, times of great joy and times of mind numbing sameness, but mostly a new year filled with hopes and dreams.
I hope your new year is more happy than sad.
That in this brand new year you’ll laugh more than you will cry.
That you’ll embrace the promise of joy in this new year and to forget the regrets of the past one.
A very Happy New Years to you all !


I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

8 thoughts on “Another New Year

  1. I am a pretty hopeful person, so I’m always looking forward anyway. This year, I started a new job right before the new year started, so I guess I’ll be watching to see where this takes me.

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