Santa Needs a Brand New Bag

Santa Claus with a bag full of presents - stock photo


Santa Needs a Brand New Bag (Tune to Poppa’s Got a Brand New Bag by James Brown)

3d rendered illustration of elves - stock photo

Come here elves…Santa’s in the sleigh
His old bag ripped…about time for a brand new thing
It gets too heavy to drag
Santa needs a brand new bag

Santa on Sleigh and His Reindeers Isolated on White Background - stock vector

Come here reindeer…and look at this old thing
It is not longer fancy…ripped along the seam
It is looking might sad
Santa needs a brand new bag

Vintage mechanical monkey with toy cymbals showing teeth, full body isolated on white - stock photo

Santa ain’t no jerk…
On Christmas Eve his is gonna fly…
Don’t play the creep; he knows when you’re asleep
He may bring you a stuffed monkey or a Mr. Potato, Jump back up the chimney and see you later.


Come here Mrs. C.
This bag done its last fling
It no longer is new
So, make me a new one babe;
This one is so sad
Santa needs a brand new bag

little kids with christmas hats isolated in white - stock photo

Oh, children! Santa ain’t no jerk!
Elves…all he do is work!
His old bag is about to burst…like this!
On Christmas Eve he’ll fly at night
That thing…coming apart at the seams
Ho! Ho!…come on..
Ho! Ho!.come on
Ho! Ho…it is just not right…no new bag in sight…
Come on. Ho! Ho!


And here is Mr. Brown:



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

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