Not Quite Suess 2

A Long time ago I posted the first not quite Seuss poem.
Today I bring another one entitled:

It is hard to give when it is all that you do.

A Vector Cute Cartoon Red Angry Face - stock vector
It is hard to give when it is all you do
You soon forget you need things too
It is hard at times when you live
In a world that takes and won’t give
You want to be selfish; you want to be mean
You are so tired of the things that you’ve seen
Where no one is grateful and all they do is complain
When you try so hard to be kind, but others like to send rain
You say to yourself enough is enough!
I have had with all this bad natured stuff!
So, you shut yourself down and you go hide
But, after awhile you feel like you’ve died
It is not your way to live a life of hate
And for you to change into that is much, much too late
You may be deceived; people may say you’re not wise
But, it is impossible, now, not to be a nice guy
Yes, we’ve heard it before how nice guys are last
Of how being a selfish jerk is such a blast
Perhaps that is so, but I think it’s not
Do that too long and your soul starts to rot
So, though giving cost much and being kind can backfire
I will still shun the low road and keep taking the higher
The only difference that ever will be
Is that I will also take time to be nice to me.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

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