Running away for Ten Minutes

Here is another installment of my walk down childhood lane.
The first post did not get a lot of responses, but is that gonna stop me?
No friggen’ way!
So here is the story of when I ran away:

The girl in a dress with a suitcase looking at the sun - stock photo
Running away for Ten Minutes
All I remember is I was pissed. Pissed at my older sister; I do not remember why or how old I was.
I do know that at eight years older, she probably thought she had a right to boss her little sister around.
I’d show her! I was running away!
She’d be in a panic and would come running out looking for me with tears of regret in her eyes, wringing her hands, and regretting her actions!
That would show her!

girl walking in the woods - stock photo
I ran away about 2 inches into the woods and waited and waited and waited…well probably only about 10 minutes and then I ran all the foot and half home expecting hugs, people to be worried, and possibly a chewing out.

None of that happened.

Sister was calmly sitting on the couch watching television when I came in pouting; if she noticed me at all she made no acknowledgement of my presence.
And so I went into the bedroom I shared with two others, a dog, and a cat and cried my little broken heart out, unnoticed and feeling neglected.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “Running away for Ten Minutes

      1. Practical. I wanted proofs of my importance. I am guessing you got what you wanted unlike me. 🙂

  1. Aww, that’s got to be a horrible feeling for a child. Thinking that no one noticed you were missing. 😦 I ran away once, but I took a plane when I did! ((hugs))

    1. It was really silly and it was not even noticed. Really? Braver than me I only got a few feet away from the house.

  2. I don’t remember that. Was it me? It sounds like something I would do. Never been one for the “drama”. Probably thought you’d learn your lesson. I ran away once; also to the woods. I would have kept going but I got “dragged” back into the house. These words by my older sister haven’t haunted me my whole life. ” You can’t run away because I will get into trouble.” I wasn’t hoping for anyone to come get me. I wanted to be left alone. (:

    1. It was you and you never even looked up…so, I figured you didn’t even know I was gone..which made me mad as hell. LOL

      1. I probably didn’t even know you ran away. You were very quiet most of the time and a little sneaky. Sorry I caused you so much trauma! (:

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