Welcome Back and “F” You!

Angry man yelling at his computer - stock photo

After a month without internet service and a couple of months without blogging much, I come back to my blog to find a long, angry, and ranting reply by a man I will call “Steven”
Why Steven, you ask?
Because, that is how he signed his name, that is why.
Seems Stevie (hope he doesn’t mind me referring to him as Stevie? Actually who cares?) and I do not share the same taste in music.
It seems little Stevie got upset with my posting about the really bad pop songs of my youth.
He was especially upset about my reference to the You Spin Me Right Round Song.
He thought that sufficient enough reason to tell me to “F” off.
News Flash! Steve ol’ boy you don’t have to agree with me…many people don’t…idiots.
However, if you do not play nice, I will and I have removed your rather rude remarks off my site.
Perhaps, had Steven seen fit to disagree politely and be civil I may have read the rest of his rather long winded reply and gave it some credit.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

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