Cell Phones, Interviews, and the Real Me.

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People say you should just be who you are.
I have made a commitment to be who I am, unfortunately, that person is incredibly silly and a bit nettled- headed for all her supposed “smarts”.
I seem to have a lot of problems with cell phones, for example.
I use to forget I even had one and let it die in the bottom of one of the scariest places on earth, the bottom of my purse.
Once, I was in a panic because I misplaced it, where had I missed placed it you asked?
In my hand…yep, you heard that right.
Just like the man who stood yelling at everyone in his house to help him find his glasses only to find them on top of his head. And I am sure I have done that as well.
I washed about 3 cell phones in a row, in the machine, because I forgot they were in the pocket of my jeans.
I told you, already, about the grooving and moving down a hallway where I did not notice that pesky but perfectly visible to the sane security camera.

Silly broad no way you are getting this job.

During that same week we lost power at the one sister’s house I was staying at.
I had to move for one night to the other sisters’, because I had a job interview the next day and needed a shower.
An hour before that interview I noticed a big tare in the shoulder of the dress I had packed to wear.
In a panic I drove to the clothing store and bought a whole new outfit, ran back to the apartment, got myself together, and managed to make it to the interview on time.
Only one slight problem with that scenario….I was a week early…yep…smooth.
I did make the interviewer laugh by reminding him he did say to be early.
Oy! vey! It isn’t easy being me! 😉



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Cell Phones, Interviews, and the Real Me.

  1. Haha, great line you had for the interviewer. Your spontaneous wit must have scored you some points!

    I’ve done the sunglasses thing. Searched all over only to find them on my head. :/

  2. That’s one way to break the ice with an interviewer! I find another way is to show up in a Scream mask while holding a knife to a voodoo doll with the interviewer’s name on it, but this method hasn’t really help me get any jobs just yet!

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