Caught in the Groove

Girl dancing with headphones, illustration - stock vector

I am living with my sister now,  my finances got pretty bad.

It is a hotel suite, which isn’t bad, but as you can imagine is a bit cramped.

But, that is not the real story and it isn’t that funny, either. 😉

I have been getting up early to roam the hallways, to jog up the stairs, and take care of some restlessness.

I am pretty quiet about it and the hotel is in a small town that is not very busy, so I am not disturbing anyone.

Today, I decided that I would plug my earphones into the portable device I have with me to listen to some music while I did my daily round about.

The top third floor is not occupied, so I thought why not groove a bit while I wandered the hallway?

I was having a great time. On my third trip up, I spotted it…the surveillance camera. :/



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

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