Options for Dealing with the Difficult

If you are like me and who isn’t?
Who just shouted out “normal people ,that is who”?
You may get annoyed when that certain know-it-all-but –really –knows-nothing -person, tries to run your life for you.
Never mind they have been married six times and all five ex-wives are suing for back alimony or child support. (Exaggerated example, explaining for the humorless)
Never mind that she has had 5 relationships in the past month.
No, they still know best about what you should be doing and they ain’t afraid to tell you.
So, what should you do?
You could try these different strategies:

Image result for Free to use clip art of a woman in disguise
A. Avoid them at all costs even to the point of pretending you don’t see them at the next family get together or other social functions. (Difficult, but be creative by wearing an eye patch and baseball cap and mumbling when they approach you with, “And just who in the hell are you? “ Of course if they find you out, then you are screwed)

B. Tell them to go to that hot place in the crudest language you can think of. (Sure, you may alienate your mom, dad, siblings, or mutual friends, but being alone forever is worth it, isn’t it?)

C. Grin and Bear it, then get a big stick and bash their head in. ( Besides a repeat of the consequences for option B, jail may be in your future, but you would have a lot of time away from the one annoying you)

D. Put on your big girl panties or big boy briefs and tell them that you are okay and that you know they mean well, (a lie, most likely), but you are doing fine. (Sure this option sucks, but it is the only one were you don’t end up looking like an ass, going to jail, or alienating your whole family or circle of friends)

So, which option are you choosing? Have one of your own?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Options for Dealing with the Difficult

  1. I have to admit to “thinking” option B, but I was dealing with my mother in law at the time and one of my sisters in law, (while they tried to tell me how to keep my kitchen and dining room decorated) but I bit my tongue and chose option D (until they left) and let my husband hear my wrath!

    1. That is what husbands are for? 😉 I have often wanted to take option C….if I would have had a big stick at the time things may have been really bad.

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