Top Searches/ The All Time Bizarre

Businessman at work tries to understand internet terms - stock photo This is my first post devoted to bizarre search terms.  Why haven’t I done so before?

Well , a fellow blogger, Daniel Nest , does it so well on his own blog, that I know I have no chance to compete with his brilliance.

If you are not reading his excellent blog: Nest Expressed, you should.

That being said, I happened to glance at the top searches that found the blog this week: “mental institution room”, “lost emoticon”, “fed up wives”, and  “grumpy old men clip art”.

You cannot get much more bizarre than that.

I mean how many people would type in “mental institution room” or “lost emoticon” ?

That got me thinking about the many bizarre terms that over the last two-years have helped people find their way to my blog, terms like: “insane cartoon”, “frustrated cartoon faces” and “ha ha ha laughing”.

My top search term over the last two years was:“cartoon cookies”, really?

Damn I am boring.

Terms for “Winged monkeys”  or the like have shown up over 400 times! You write one story, geesh! :/

Just why theses particular terms would redirect people to this blog, while searches such as …well, let’s just say...”Writer genius” or “Hysterically funny blog” have not shown up is a mystery to me.

No I get the strange and unusual like “can i go to the bathroom please”, “I need to pee”, or “can I go to the toilet,please?”

I  didn’t really think my blog was that crappy or that some of you out there needed my permission to relive yourself or why you would think that I even wanted to know you had to pee? Some terms kinda hurt my feelings a bit like “bizarre heels”, “pest smiley”, “stupid smiley face” and “sick brain” , I mean was that necessary?

I must make some people smile if these terms that showed up over 17 times helped you find your way to this blog; “female smiley faces“, “flirt smiley”, “silly smiley faces” , and “smiley faces winking”

But some terms just came here to mock me with threats of running away: “running away cartoon”, “man running away” and “cartoon guy running away”…I am sensing a theme..they are all male and all running away…not good for the ego. 😦 Some terms seemed to be trying to tell me something, they sound more like commands than search terms: “laugh face”,( What if my face doesn’t feel like laughing, huh?) “raise your hand clip art” (I wonder if they know clip art are not alive ?) , and “stop do not touch” (Don’t worry you pretty little head about that last one)

All I have to say in conclusion is: please cartoon man don’t run away no more and laugh, face! 😉



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Top Searches/ The All Time Bizarre

  1. I found this mental institution room to be quite full of frustrated cartoon faces. Just like I expected!

    Cartoon cookies!

    Also, thanks a lot for all the blog-linking love. Here’s to 2015. Let’s hope for fewer grumpy old men and fed up wives this year, shall we?!

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