Another New Year is Coming.

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Well, it is almost the New Year and I guess  that  it is usually traditional to make some kind of a list of what you want to accomplish or to change in the upcoming new year.

I never really make any New Years resolutions….but, I do try to improve each year as a person, it really is my only goal.

A goal, that , depending on the year may encompass many smaller goals.

I may take up healthier eating habits, exercising more, or try getting up earlier ; then again I might fail at something.

I am learning that last thing is okay and the world will not end when I do. Not so long ago I would not have even tried to leave my comfort zones.

Now, I try, I fall on my ass, and I get back up again. (Repeat) Still, it is better than not trying and sitting around on my ass.

So, no vows from me this year only a promise to myself to keep improving and keep getting back up again.

Any New year’s resolutions for you? Goals? Whatever?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

11 thoughts on “Another New Year is Coming.

  1. I resolve that by this time next year I will have mastered pyrokinesis. Of course, such resolutions are meaningless without firm intermediate goals. March: the ability to form and safely launch fireballs of at least 6″ diameter. June: immunity to all forms of oxidation, including rust. Labor Day: sheets of living flame to consume my enemies. Halloween: at least six different colors of fire, especially purple. December 1: Earth bathed in ocean of flame; fish will survive. Christmas: develop flame that will burn under water.

      1. Ah, so perhaps you have found a resolution worth pursuing after all. Don Knotts tried it and that worked out quite nicely.

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