I am the Invisible Man

It is almost Halloween. One of my favorite Halloween movies is the old black and white classic The Invisible Man.

So, I thought why not a parody?

What do you mean I should have had a better thought?

I am the invisible man (Tune to I am an Innocent Man by Billy Joel)

Some people think they have heard someone at the door
But they see no one when they open it up
They hear a voice and scream in fright
They faint as I just pass them by

Some people live in fear of my touch
And the fear of what I will do
I am demented and just having fun
They never know where I will hide

You should know you cannot protect yourself
I know you will not be able to help yourself
I want to hurt you
Because I’m messed up
I will sneak behind
I am in denial that I am a nut
I am not above kicking your butt
I will make you lose your faith if I can
I want to make you run till you feel old
You won’t see me; damn I am bold
I really want to just see you cry
Because, I am the invisible man
I am the invisible man
Oh, yes, I am

Some people don’t believe what they can’t see
They never hear my footsteps in the dark
Once they meet me they remember it well
Hearing evil laughter they never heard before

Some people don’t lock their doors at night
Instead of locking themselves up tight
I find it very easy to hurt what I hate
I have no mind anymore

I know you are scared of what I say
I know you really want me to go away
But I will find you and you will not survive
I have no intentions of keeping you alive
And I am not above striking again
I know that I am the master of survival
I will be cruel and I know you understand

I always run away from the light
Still I think I will always win
Although it is possible I will lose
I am the invisible man
I am the invisible man
Oh yes I am
The invisible man

I always hurt people and do it out of spite
I will be the terror of your nights
I am an assassin
I am so low
Everybody knows
There is no chance once I take off my gloves
The shirt off my back, my pants and stuff
That is when my mayhem begins

I was hoping for a miracle cure
I could not leave the world as it is
Now I am maniac who watches you die
Because I am the invisible man

I am the invisible man
Oh yes I am
The invisible man

Here is Billy Joel and the real version:



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

14 thoughts on “I am the Invisible Man

      1. Let me know what year that movie came out, I’d love to watch it, and the words you wrote fit the song perfectly! 🙂

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