Rate Me-Damnit!


No matter where you go on social media you have some young lady without much self-confidence or brains asking you to rate her photos.  Of course other self-absorbed asses are going to rate her pics high and she knows it. Pretty much an exercise of futility, but that doesn’t stop them.

I am not young and I am not really old. I am in that in between time called middle-age. (When we deny we are old)

Perhaps, I am having another midlife crisis and hopefully it will be just as short as the last one was. But, damnit! I want attention!

Below I am asking you to rate my pics and be nice. (Unless , your comments are really funny)

Rate my hair:




Rate my bug-eyed stare:




Rate my  face:

hypmotized Rae



Rate my foot:



Rate the body…







So there you have it, how do you rate? And is my hair ever going to not look crazy?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “Rate Me-Damnit!

    1. That sounds too much like Algebra to me! Algebra is what contributed to the first pic! *cries* Are you saying I am not a true zero?? 😉

  1. Ha! You don’t have bug eyes, you have cute puppy eyes, love the squishy face, and the body of water, lol. I get sick to my stomach from all the pictures online people want you to comment on. I wonder if I would feel different if I was 15? No, I wouldn’t. 🙂

  2. Ha, the “body…of water” was funny.

    Also, that is on damn impressive foot. I mean, I’m no foot expert, but I know an impressive foot when I see one! As for the face picture, if that’s not on the album cover of a new indie rock band sometime soon, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

    1. It is an impressive body if I do say so. Oh, wait you laughed. Oh, well,I get that reaction a lot. I like saying “Oh”, okay.

      Yes, I have a very hotfoot.(Okay,that sounded funny)

      I should start up a rock and roll band if only I could play an instrument or is that even required for an indie band?

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