Lazy or Write my Blog Post.


Pretty woman on a sofa or bed, Hand drawn girl with cat, relaxing and having a cup of coffee. Sketch - stock vector

I feel lazy today, so I was wondering if anyone wants to write a blog post for me?

It better not be dumb…well any dumber than this one,that is. Anybody should be able to do that.

It can’t be 3 pages long,either. I tried that once, big flop.

You’ll have to watch your mouth a bit, I got three older sister who read this….rarely,but hell,you never know and then I will get a big sister lecture and you don’t want that on your conscious do you? (Yes, I realize I am in my late 40’s, problem is they don’t)

What about my kids?…yeah, like they ever read it.

It better be mildly funny….yes, like this… I’m thinking even Al Gore would have a shot at coming up with something.

Oh,you have better things to do? I’m thinking that includes most of the planet.

Check out my new guest page if you seriously would like to contribute something to the blog.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

2 thoughts on “Lazy or Write my Blog Post.

  1. LOL, ok, I took the challenge, please dear friend keep in mind, I am working without any brain cells, no sleep, and a lack of imagination, love you lots!

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