No Snoring Sign - stock vector

I have been struggling to think of things to write about, isn’t easy when your life is one big snore.
I cleaned the bathroom today, which was pretty ambitious for me. I am beginning to think once a month isn’t cutting it.
Yesterday, I potted some tomatoes; hopefully they will produce something more than vines.
Almost done with my math classes 3 more weeks, thank God!
I wrote a little more on a book I’m always working on and never seem any closer to finishing.
Talked to friends on FB; which explains the not getting any closer to finishing the book.
I read a few blogs, commented on at least one.
Raked my yard and then gave up.
Watched some videos and a documentary on the end of WWII; that was the highlight of the week so far.
Checked my email, didn’t get many. Does anyone email anymore?
So, you see “one big snore” and not at all interesting to read about.
Why am I boring you with this…I’ll tell you…I don’t know.

This really a pitiful post so I will leave you with this:




I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

8 thoughts on “Snore……..

  1. That didn’t sound boring to me, it sure beats sitting on my butt reading about what other people are doing, and hey, even your “boring” was funny!

  2. Well ladidaaa, Mrs. I-Clean-My-Bathroom! There’s no need to show off. I cleaned my bathroom too, once. About 12 years ago. Good times.

    The “bored” song is unexpectedly catchy.

    1. I can’t help but being proud. 😛

      The bored song is cool and strangely appropriate…as the cartoon guy looks constipated.

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