These Hands.

It has been awhile since I have done any fiction. Why today? Why not?

It is done in the 5-sentence fiction style.  I hope you like it.

These Hands

Aging process - very old senior woman hands wrinkled skin - stock photo

These hands have had a lot of practice loving those within their care; helping those who were in need.

Now, these hands don’t work like they use to; they often feel a different kind of pain, then when they were young and useful.

Seems like yesterday they were packing kids lunches, smoothing a loved one’s hair, holding the hands of someone in pain, and giving of themselves in a practical way.

Seems like yesterday that they felt the heat of a passionate love, that they had held a new-born babe, and that they had wiped away many a tear.

Now, these hands are mostly still, slowed down by arthritis and old age; isn’t it ironic that these loving hand should end up alone and forgotten?

Do you know an elderly person who could use a friend? They have given so much, I think it is a shame when they are forgotten. 



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

4 thoughts on “These Hands.

  1. “These Hands” wonderful post. How close to my own heart, I am entering the world of those who some day may be forgotten, or I thought I was, until sudden changes seemed to turn back time and give my hands a second try at doing all the things that young hands do. I am still wiping away tears, caring for a young one, loving them and holding them, and doing all the things I did when I was very young myself. I do not feel old any more, I have come to realize I am still here because my task in this world is much more than I ever expected, a new journey has started, and I hope for all of those who once cared for someone with their own hands, has someone who loves them enough to help care for them!


    1. I am so happy you have found peace in this, you are a wonderful person, don’t forget that. I am glad you liked the post. (Big Hug)

  2. It’s too bad we don’t revere our elderly like some cultures do. Instead, we tend to render them invisible. A shame when you consider how much wisdom and experience they hold.

    1. Yes ,and I know we all get busy, I am as guilty as the next one. It is sad our society thinks of them as having nothing left to give…if only we’d listen.

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