Back in the Day and on to the Future.


1970s Rock and Roll vintage T-shirt design - stock vector

I am convinced that whatever generation a person was a teen or young adult in that it was the very last generation that had it good.

That everyone over 30 years of age believes the following generations are all going to go to hell on roller-skates (or on a Segway, for modern readers ) and there is nothing any of us can do about it.

That it is our generation who was the very last generation that had any morals or any good music.

Hand drawn, vector, sketch illustration of microwave oven - stock vector
Kids, what button do I push?

It matters not, really, what era you spent your youth in, we are convinced that the latest technology is some how to blame for the ruination on the current youth.

I remember the older folk in the 80’s who thought that microwaves and cable television were the devil’s handiwork.

That we were all getting fat and lazy because we could no longer be bothered with popping our popcorn the old-fashioned way, on the stove, like God indented, but had resorted to that new product: Microwave popcorn.

What was the matter with only 3 channels? It was good enough in their day, when kids spent more times out doors doing chores and they liked it.

Don’t worry, some day you’ll get back at all of America’s youth with parachute pants…

I remember that day in the supermarket with my then 8-year-old daughter and 9- year- old son; the day “my” music ended up as background noise.

I was cheerily singing –a-long, when my son asked quite innocently, “Is that more of that 80’s crap?”

It was indeed more of that 80’s crap.

I look back now at the styles of my youth and wonder if the older fashion designers, (I mean, really, they had to be in their 30’s!) did it all for laughs?

Look at those ridiculous looking kids, they were probably thinking, they’ll buy anything if we say it is “fashion.”

They were getting back at us all for a youth spent in miss-matched clothes and bowl hair-cuts.

businessman with question mark  on a blue background - stock photo
And just who is TomTom?

I hear my generation groan about the internet, Ipods/pads, tablets, smart phones,hip-hop, Netflix ,and many other things we don’t fully know how to use or understand.

Exactly like our parents did about MTV, VCRs, video arcades, microwaves, punk rock, ATM machines, personal computers, and many other things they didn’t know how to use or fully understand.

A close-up shot of a businessman perplexed by his tablet computer. - stock photo
I thought this thing was suppose to be “smart”!!

Things are advancing so fast that who knows what will be left to complain about in the future??

We have smart phones, interactive TV’s, touch screen computers, voice-activated soft -wear, video chats, OnStar, electronic books, 3D printers, and GPS.

I could write a whole article about GPS!

Those jokes about a guy not asking for directions are now obsolete.

The jokes about me getting lost in my back yard are now obsolete.

Now TomTom , quite literally, tells you where to go and where to get off.
It will all end up like that old cartoon The Jetson’s with the only thing left to complain about being “push-button finger”


Photo of Pushing button - stock photo
Oh, my aching finger!


I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

8 thoughts on “Back in the Day and on to the Future.

  1. I think you’re spot on. I agree that every generation thinks the younger generation is going to pot, when really, documents from centuries ago show parents back then said the same thing. Change is inevitable. We need to accept it no matter how difficult. Life will be much more peaceful when we do. And who doesn’t want peaceful? 🙂

    1. Change is scary for some and I think while we are remembering the good old days, we forget all the bad ones in between. I suppose that is natural, who wants to remember the crappy old days? 😉

  2. I also hate the future generation, with their teleporters and their frizzligators. When I was their age, I only had two smartphones and a laptop, but they have four holographic projection crabulators and ten plasma globulons each. When will it be enough?! WHEN?!

    1. Who in the hell needs 4 holographic projection crabulators? Come to think of it who even needs one?

      You always make me laugh when you stop by..what is up with that? 😉 Glad you did.

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