Blogging With Ms. You’llnever B. Goodenough.

Fearful boy hiding under the bed - stock photo
I started blogging two years ago.
Where Have I been?
Hiding under my bed.
Well, not exactly, (at least only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, now) just really never thought about doing it before.

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The first blog that I started did pretty well and I got about 5 steady followers in the 3 months I was at the idiotic blogging site where I started.
Besides telling people, including myself, that it was “experiencing overload” every 5 minutes, it went on to change the format every week until I nearly lost my mind, and then it did the unforgivable sin of making people have to fill out some stupid form just to comment!!
No way I was taking that, so I took myself and my genius (You can stop laughing now!) on over to Word Press.
I lost a couple of followers and a few posts, but I have gained over a hundred followers, now, and it is a much easier format to deal  with.

I always feel, no matter what my stats say, like the unpopular kid at the blogger party.
I read the genius of other bloggers and think “Boy, wish I could write that good,” or “Boy, look how many comments they got,” or “Look how many likes,” or “Look how many people are following their blog”!!!  What can I say, I have a competitive nature that is often accompanied by a bit of peevishness. ( I am working on that last one)
I remind myself that many of them have been blogging a lot longer than I have.But, do I listen? Sometimes, for a while, at least.

Then Ms. You’llnever B. Goodenough pipes up and says, “Loser!”
And in a weak moment I listen to her.
She is always trying to spoil something.
I do love reading other people’s blogs and it amazes me how much talent there is out there.
And, I love the outlet of blogging and do not plan on stopping anytime soon.
So, Ms. You’llnever B. Goodenough-Take a hike!!
Oh, and don’t bother coming back!!

get lost go away deterrent warning security road traffic street sign yellow - stock photo

So, who/ what is your nemesis when it comes to feeling good about yourself? Tell em’ to take a hike.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Blogging With Ms. You’llnever B. Goodenough.

  1. I think you already know about my Mr. Nasty Pants. For the most part, he’s kept his distance, but last week he popped up again and made me question my writing. What a butthead. Sounds like he and Ms. You’llnever B. Goodenough would make a good team. Then again, together they might be unstoppable…

    1. Yes, I remember him, glad he is mostly keeping his distant! They are a couple of stinkers that is for sure! 😉

  2. Good post!! I hate that inner voice that tries to say “you’re not good enough”, followed by the doubt and insecurities it produces when you listen. I still go through that from time to time. But you, glad you told her to take a hike, you’ve got a unique style, and if I were not interested in what you are writing about, and didn’t enjoy reading your posts, I wouldn’t bother. I look forward to every new thing you write, and I mean that sincerely! You have a talent I wish I had myself. Keep on writing, as I know only you can do “RACHAEL STYLE”!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, that inner voice can do us either great harm or can be a great help depending on what we listen to. I am glad you like my posts and appreciate your comments. 🙂

  3. While that voice that says we’ll never be good enough is destructive, I think the insecure feeling that our writing is never good enough is what pushes us to work harder and do better. If we ever shut that out completely, we’ll be in trouble. I guess the trick is to separate the two, then discard one and keep the other. Easier said than done.

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