Two-Year Anniversary.

Hats streamers and other stuff for party - stock photo

Last year my first year blogging anniversary came and went with little or no comment from me.

This year I thought I should comment on this milestone.(?)


That is it?

Afraid so.

So, have you celebrated any milestones this week?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

14 thoughts on “Two-Year Anniversary.

  1. Hey, congratulations on your anniversary! Feels good, doesn’t it? I was blogging on for nearly 6 years, then I switched to self-hosting my own .com site 3 weeks ago. Scary stuff! So, I guess, that is a kind of anniversary. An anniversary of too much to do and not enough time!

    Anyway, I like your blog. It’s fun, which is the best kind of thing,

    Best wishes,

    Chris from

      1. Hey, no problem at all. Yep, 6 years! I do like the blog, so I always try to leave a comment when that’s the case.

        Thanks! It’s really new, so no followers etc just yet but hopefully it will come! Chris/SOG

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON STAYING SANE ENOUGH TO KEEP BLOGGING FOR TWO YEARS!! I mean, wait, you’re sane, blogging could make you nuts!! You do it well my friend, and I look forward to everything you write, so keep it up!! Well done! *fanfare, ticker tape parade, dancing clowns, etc.*

    whoo hooooo!!!

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