Weird Old News-Mike.

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This is a series I am starting -Weird Old News.

Today, I bring you the story of Mike.

Mike was a chicken…no, not a scardy- cat, but a real live chicken!

Nothing remarkable in that I can hear you sneer sarcastically.

He had no head.

I don’t think the person shouting out, “Neither do you lady” is at all funny, so knock it off! No, not my head, wise-ass!

It is true , Mike lived 4 years without a head. He became something of a celebrity. He was even featured in Life Magazine.

The owners started displaying him to make some quick chicken feed. This was in the 1940’s when people had nothing better to do than to go pay someone to see a headless chicken strut his stuff.

He never let not having a head get him down. He strutted around and tried to peck at the ground for food and do other chickeny things.  They fed him through his esophagus with an eyedropper.

There was some controversy over him, some people starting writing to henpeck the couple and accuse them of cruelty.

I know that without proof there is no believing. So, just sit back and listen to the tale of Mike the Headless Chicken.

As an extra bonus? I bring you a tune about Mike by some real weirdos, cool ain’t it?




I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Weird Old News-Mike.

  1. Next week, part two: Fiona the Chickenless Head. Can Mike and Fiona put aside their differences and reconcile? For the sake of the eggs?

  2. Well, I have to say, all I had to see was “headless chicken” and might I add, eww gross!! LOL, the things that go through your mind!! Love you lots my friend!!

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