Complaining About Complaining.


Do you complain? Well, of course you do, we all do. 

Now don’t go saying you don’t. If you protest that you never complain, then you are complaining about people who complain. It’s a Paradox, don’t try and figure it out ,your head might explode, just believe me when I say everyone complains. 

Sure there are people who have a lot more to complain about than I do. 

People with chronic illness, people who are homeless, and those poor souls who can’t afford luxury items such as beef. 

But not having much to complain about rarely stops me, what can I say? I am great at complaining.  It is my one true talent, that and the writing thing.

This weeks complaints so far are :


 1.The cat has finally taken over.

 2.It snowed again! @#*!!@#*!!

 3.I failed my Algebra quiz! And am left with the knowledge that, all though, I will never use this stuff again in my life it is necessary for me to graduate. 

4. I burned the homemade pizza last night. 

 5. It snowed again!!#@@*@#!!

6. I have a library fine of .20 cents. Yeah, twenty-cents and they still felt it necessary to inform me. 

7. I keep waking up with dry mouth, because the furnace is still continually on, because it snowed again!!@#*!!@#*@!!

8. My hair has gone back to its natural color.

9.The exercise  machine that broke has been replaced and so, now I have no more excuses!

 10.Did I mention it snowed again? @#*!!@*#!!





I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

11 thoughts on “Complaining About Complaining.

  1. I hear you on the snow. I’ve done so much complaining about the weather lately that I’m even annoying myself. But to look out my window on March 26 and see a thick blanket of snow? NOT cool.

  2. A vaporizer would help with the drymouth and also keep your skin from getting itchy/cracky if that’s a problem.

  3. This made me laugh! I am not going to complain about everyone telling me I do complain, but they do tell me that, so maybe I will complain. Ok, I don’t have a cat, but we have a little ankle nipping creature that could possibly pass for a dog! It leaves hair everywhere. 😦 It was supposed to get warm, but on Thursday, IT SNOWED! It didn’t just SNOW, it was a mini BLIZZARD!
    I looked out the window that morning and thought, “oh, how beautiful everything looks!”. I smiled, and then I complained, I had to go out in this mess, my teeth chattered the whole time. I have not slept, again, but I am not complaining, YET! My cellphone croaked, I did complain, I not only complained, I, yes me, WHINED, until someone went and got a replacement charger for it, but not before I complained about where they were going to buy the charger, and before I complained that it was not the charger, but the phone itself!

    So trust me dear friend, I could write an entire book about things I complain about, just don’t get me started about the MOUSE in my house!!

    Thanks for making me smile again! 🙂

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