Middle Aged? Take This Test and Find Out For Sure!

I once saw a mug with the words “Over the Hill”

“Yeah, so what?” you are probably thinking.

It had a great big “30” in the middle, is what! 30!? Are you kidding me?

It seems there is a portion of society who is confused about who is and who is not old.

Once on Twitter someone tweeted they were 33 and now middle-aged. Are you insane?

Since people out there seem to be confused at who actually qualifies for being middle-age, I have created this test for you. Once you have taken it you should know if you do indeed belong to the ranks of the middle-aged or not.

This test is simple, below are ten statements, that can stand on their own, but if you can truthfully add these words : “For my age” at the end of at least seven of these ten questions then you can rest assured you are in fact middle-aged.

Sight test seen through eye glasses, white background isolated - stock photo

1. My eyesight is very good.

womens light weights on white with copy space - stock photo

2.I am in good shape.

Illustration depicting a roadsign with a stamina concept. Blue sky background. - stock photo

3.I have a lot of stamina.

people icons with colorful dialog speech bubbles - stock vector

4.I remember important details well.

Mature businesswoman trying to destroy a laptop with a hammer in an office on a white isolated background - stock photo

5.I understand the newest technology quite well.

Running Shoes and stopwatch - stock vector

6.I am really quite active.

Humorous portrait of old-fashioned grotesque housekeeper with funny hairstyle and scared expression - stock photo

7.I am still attractive.

morning meditation - stock photo

8.I am very flexible.

Unemployed man passed out drunk on the couch with a flask of booze in his hand.   - stock photo

9. I don’t get tired that easily.

Surgeon doctor holding his stethoscope - stock photo

10. I am in good health.

So, how’d ya make out? Are you really middle-age or do you have a few years to go?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

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