Not on the Bucket List.

A vintage wooden bucket with metal ring supports and a handle and a aged paper attached to the front that reads bucket list on an isolated background - stock photo
What shall I not do this year?

Last year I made a list of Blogger’s Resolutions and we all laughed, because who follows through on that crap?

This year instead of trying to be good and giving up in utter despair and shame, I’m going to make unresoulutions.  What are unresolutions, you ask, a made up word, obviously!

Instead of following tradition, I am going to make a bucket list, but not an ordinary make a list kind of bucket list . ( Gee, that was kinda of redundant wasn’t it?)  Not the kind where you list everything- you -want- to- do,  but  never- get- around- to -doing- it and- then- kick- the- bucket -without-  actually- fulfilling -your- potential. Who needs that type of pressure?  So, instead  I am going to list ten things that will not make my bucket list, my very own unresolutions.

1. I vow that I will never try to eat fish again after that last gagging effect I experienced.

pan fried perch - stock photo
Stop staring at me!

2. I  vow  that I will never watch the movie “ElF” or anything starring Will Ferrell.

Christmas elf hat on white background - stock photo
Sorry, Will it ain’t happening!

3. I vow that I will not ever go near the Malls on Black Friday.Those people scare me.

Black Friday sales tag. EPS 10 vector, grouped for easy editing. No open shapes or paths. - stock vector
But you’ll save a whole 2%!!

4.I  vow that I will not pretend that beer tastes good.

Hell, ya! Pass me another one.

5. I vow that I will not become a rude jackass, because that seems to be in Vogue, now.

pretty young woman doing the loser sing - stock photo
Being rude is how I express myself, Loser!

6. I vow I will never buy a Justin Bieber CD.

Compact disk with cover. - stock photo
This will make a great coaster!

7. I vow not to engage in text “speak” in my on-line classes nor to address the professor as Hey, You.

Most common used acronyms and abbreviations on retro style speech bubbles. - stock vector
OMG! LMAO! at U!

8. I vow to not eat liver and onions, ever. Can’t make me!

Fresh raw chicken liver lies on the plate against a white background - stock photo
I don’t like food that jiggles and wiggles, unless it is Jell-O!

9. I vow never to use “Magic Jack” again for phone service.

Click… #@*!@#*@!

10. I vow never to ignore anyone who replies to my blog posts.

Emoticon showing thumb up - stock vector
You are all great!

Now those unresolutions are something I can achieve-I feel proud of myself already!

So, will you join me in making some unresolutions this year?

pretty blonde laying on sofa - stock photo
All my unresolutions have been accomplished, I’m taking a break!


I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

8 thoughts on “Not on the Bucket List.

  1. Someone actually referred to your professor as “Hey, you”? That’s crazy. Guess it ties into your #5. I’m with you on a lot of these, but I have to admit, I love the taste of beer. 🙂

    1. They actually referred to the professor by her first name, I noticed that quickly ended, so she probably had a talk with her. I’m sure there are many more out there that do like the taste of beer than don’t.

  2. I never even pretended that beer tastes good. I always openly admitted to not liking beer. I’m brave like that!

    May 2014 brings lots of good things and great stuff! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year Lovely Lady! Love your list of New Year’s resolutions, wish I had something to say to today at all. Just be well in the New Year, and keep writing!

  4. I have something silly, ridiculous and it’s not making my day, but it might make everyone else happy or at least laugh, I somehow created a blog page, unintentionally and now I have all these things associated with other things that make no sense to me what so ever! I need some help, I am in a tangled mess of “what?????” how did I manage to do this in such a short period of time you ask, it’s a talent one I will gladly trade for some help to fix this!!! M

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