That Which Does Not Kill Us, Has to Be Subjected to This Post.

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For those who have nothing to say.

Do you like inspirational quotes and sayings? I admit, I like some of them, not plastered on my twitter feed perhaps, but some are well…quite inspirational.

But, what about the sourpusses out there, don’t they have the right not to be inspired? Don’t they have the right to express themselves,too? I think so!

I thought it was about time someone did something besides just inspire people and so I bring you a line of  disturbing sentiments. Copy them, print them out and frame them, feel free to copy them to twitter or Facebook and spread the discontentment!

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I just save time by hating everyone!

1.Live Badly, Cry Often, Hate Much.

2.Dance and nobody will be watching your pathetic attempts, loser! Hurt all the people who have ever hurt you-sweet revenge! Sing like we are all deaf-aka don’t open your mouth! And live far,far away from me!

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I surrender already!

3.It is already too late, so just give up already!

4. You have failed, 10,000  times already! -Loser, get it right!

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The lights are on,but nobody is home.

5.  Do not go where the path leads and you will end up lost, dumbass!

6.Be very afraid of greatness, some are born great, but then they are hounded and pursued by paparazzi until they lose their mind and end up like Justin Bieber!

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Take that, sucker!

7. That which doesn’t kill us feels the full weight of our wrath.

8. The hardest thing in life is to learn is which bridge to burn and which one to blow up.

9. Cry like a baby when it is over, smile when you have gotten revenge!

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Somebody else will do it.

10 .If not us, somebody else will probably do it. If we put it off long enough,then when doesn’t really matter, anyway, does it?

Do you love, like, hate, or indifferent to inspirational quotes? Have any you’d like to share?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

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