3 Annoying Christmas Pop Songs.

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Remember last year?  “Well, hell”, you might be saying, “we can’t even remember much of this year.”  In that case I’d say you need to get out more. What does this have to with this post, nothing really.

Last year I wrote up a post called: Three of the Stupidest Christmas Songs, Ever.  So, this year I am changing things up and giving you 3 Annoying Christmas Pop Songs.  Yep,I’m diverse that way.

fairy-tale portrait of Christmas baby on winter background - stock photo
I thought this song had something to do with babies.

First on my list is “Santa Baby” sung by Eritha Kitt . I cannot tell you how much I hate this song! Well, of course I can, that is the point of the post after all. You don’t have to be so literally, geesh! :/

The annoying sex kitten voice is enough to drive anyone, okay women, up the wall. The greed and avarice of the whole song is enough to make Black Friday shoppers look like Mother Teresa . I will admit, under duress ,that Kitt did have nice legs, if you are into that kind of thing, and if you are a man, which Santa is, that might entice him enough to give the lady what she wants. But, the song still stinks!

Christmas toy. Rocking horse - stock photo
This is the only rocking I want on my tree!

Second annoying song on my list is” Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” sung by Brenda Lee. This song was put on every collection of “Christmas Classics” ever produced.

Why would you rock around a Christmas tree, has anyone ever thought to ask that question, huh? Why would rocking around that tree, necessarily make it a jolly holiday? Obviously, the writers of this song  have never been around relatives that have sipped a little too much eggnog. You do not want that bunch of drunken idiots rocking around your tree.  Unless that is your method for taking the tree down for the year. If it is, than besides having some weird traditions, you must spend a fortune on replacement lights and ornaments.

The third pick is “Last Christmas” by Wham. If it is Wham it is gotta be bad.

Read heart  in white warm wool gloves  - stock photo
Here is my heart, don’t give it away! *sniffle*

The whole song has a whinny feel to it. And I am not even sure it really qualifies as a Christmas song, just a song with the word Christmas thrown in there. I mean, where is the reference to Santa, or elves, or wise-men seeking a sign or a holly jolly Christmas or snow or reindeer or sleigh rides or anything at all Christmasey?  To this song I say, “Bah, Humbug!” What in the hell does that mean? How in the Dickens would I know?

Any Christmas songs on your hit list?



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12 thoughts on “3 Annoying Christmas Pop Songs.

  1. Ok, Ms Scrooge, LOL, first of all I loved the Christmas songs you posted, or rather the post itself, Eartha Kitt, I had no idea that was her singing that song!! Now it’s even more annoying after watching her sing it!! I agree with that, it’s the worst! The next, and of course in perfect order, Rockn’ around….etc. etc. ok my granddaughter loves it, so that’s ok, WAIT FOR IT, here comes the aaaahhhhhh, George Michael, swoon, he was just so cute then!!!! Those eyes could melt that snow!!! Ok, so I am a bit biased here on that one, I love that song!!!! So in order for me to balance out all of this here is my list of LEAST FAVORITE AND ANNOYING CHRISTMAS SONGS!!!

    1. The Barking Dogs!! singing jingles bells, oy, who or what was thinking that would be fun to listen to???
    2. White Christmas, how long is that man been dreaming of one?????? Enough of that already, even if I wish for it myself!
    3. And not the least, the absolute worst ever, (especially for personal reasons) GRANDMA GOT RUN OVER BY A REINDEER!! I have had to endure that now for three years!!!! I thought it was funny a long time ago, when I first heard it now to anyone who dares sing it or play it within 1000 miles of me, well they will get a hefty pile of coal in the Stocking this year, not to mention the eggnog I may dump all over them!!!

    So there it is, my list of horrible and annoying Christmas songs!!

    Peace, and love to you!!

    1. Those were 3 great examples! As far as George is concerned, I don’t like wham, prefer dark haired men, so it stays! 😉 I could use the coal because it is 20 degrees here, but please no eggnog! Thanks for commenting and glad you liked the post. 🙂

      1. Your post is great!! and always makes me laugh!! I like dark haired men too, George had his lightened in that….Just saying….lol, Peace.

    1. Alright! Cracked author and now this! 😉 I was thinking of putting all the depressing Christmas songs on one CD and calling it “I’ll Be Depressed for Christmas.”

  2. I would love to hear you rendition of “I’LL be Depressed For Christmas”! That would be a real treat. Much admiration. Peace.

  3. I hate the “I want a Hippo” song and “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” Who in the right mind, young or old, wants a Hippo for a pet? Really, relax kid, your two front teeth will come in and you said Merry Christmas in the song so the teeth are need for that. (:

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