I haven’t done a Lille McFerin Writes prompt in awhile so, I thought to myself it is about time I did. This weeks prompt is “Determination” Lille does 5 sentence fiction and I do always enjoy the challenge.

A conceptual look at determination, drive, conviction, resolve. - stock photo

She’d wait there all day if she had to, she had the patience, if not the temperament, of a saint.

He thought he was so clever and that all he had to do was hide and then he would be safe.

“Ha!”, she thought, he has come out sometime and then she’d be there waiting to pounce on him, no way he was getting away this time.

Kitty closed her eyes, a little catnap always helped her refocus.

The minute he left his hole in the wall she was right there, a pounce, a leap, a swat and the mouse was no more.


Are you determined? Have you ever pounced on a mouse?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

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