What I Like About Food

I knew it! You couldn’t resist could you? Whenever you are short on ideas you write one of theses stupid parodies!

But, this one is really funny!

Yeah, right that is what you said about the last one! Groan!

Well, I like them and that one other blogger liked it, and …

Go ahead nothing I say is gonna stop you….

And so without further argument I bring you “What I like About Food” to the tune of “what I like about you” by the Romantics

Composition with variety of grocery products including vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy and wine - stock photo


What I like about food

You fill me up at night

I am gonna have a beef roast and some mashed potatoes tonight

The fridge keeps whispering in my ear, all the food you could want is right here

Glazed duck fillet, mashed potatoes seasoned with truffle oil, fig and aniseed sauce - stock photo

Cuz it’s true I really like food

It tastes good, that is what I like about food

What I like about food

You can eat it with your hands

When to the store you go


the aisles around

down look around

grab a can of hash

Keep putting the good stuff right at eye level here

Blurred motion of people walking near refrigerator in shopping centre with baskets - stock photo

cuz it is true I gotta get me some food

What i like about food

Is what I like about food

That is what I like about food

Hey, food, uh huh

Lunch box and healthy food on isolated background - stock photo

What I like about food

It keeps me filled up at night

never want to let it go

It makes me feel alright

keep piling the food on the plate right here

Grilled steak with fresh vegetables and herbs - stock photo

Cuz it is true I really like food

That’s really some good food

That’s what I like about food

Food Food Food

I really like my food..

So do you like food? Ever write a song about it?

crossed fork and spoon (food icon, food symbol) - stock vector

Here is the one hit wonder that inspired the parody, enjoy!



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

4 thoughts on “What I Like About Food

    1. Yes this was written before the tuna eye nightmare inducing post, now I am not sure if I will ever eat again, at least not for the next few minutes. 😉

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