Too Late For Wisdom.

Friday once again and so it is time for Friday fiction. It is a five sentence fiction piece.

an old farm bulding lays decaying in the field - stock photo

There had been no rain now for a few years, and many of the neighbors had packed up their trucks with all their worldly possessions, well at least what they could fit on the trucks, and headed out west toward California.

Hal, had always been stubborn, he didn’t believe the dry weather could last long and soon things would go back to normal and the seasons would proceed as they always had, spring planting, summer watermelons and church picnics, fall harvesting with the women preserving the bounty, and winter butchering, but it hadn’t  been that way in a long time.

No, there was only drought and dust, nothing more, no rain, no harvest, no nothing.

He saw his children go hungry and their mother trying to keep them alive on lard and sugar, often going completely without anything to eat herself until she succumbed to the same dust pneumonia that took the youngest a year before.

Hal had it, the land had won, he too was loading up the truck and taking his family west, he only wished he had the wisdom to have done it six months ago and then maybe Martha would be making the trip with them instead of being buried in the land he came to hate.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

2 thoughts on “Too Late For Wisdom.

  1. I just watched a two pat documentary on the Dust Bowl. I did not realize how long it lasted and all the people, especially children, who had died from the dust pneumonia. I like this one. Would make a great book!

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