Brain is on Vacation, Will Get Back to You Later.

smoky brain - stock photo

I feel bad about not posting much lately.

But even though it be summer ( my English skills are certainty improving!) my online classes  will still go on and on and on and on and on and on…

Hahaahaahahahaha…* Now, laughing hysterically*

Woman laughting - stock photo

Sorry, about that my mind snapped. Where was I?

Oh,yeah, I have a bad case of brain freeze, which is about the only thing freezing in this rare 90 degree Michigan heat wave we have been experiencing over the last 3 FRIGGEN DAYS! I mean 3 FRIGGEN DAYS AND NO RELIEF IN SIGHT WHAT THE HE** IS GOING ON!

A thermometer with words It's Getting Hot at the top, with the mercury exploding through the glass and the descriptive terms melting, scorching, sizzling, boiling, burning - stock photo

Okay, the heat is making me a bit cranky, sorry you had to witness that.

Now, where was I?

My train of thought seems to be a little wee bit wandering of late….OH, LOOK A BUTTERFLY….

Monarch Butterfly with open wings in a top view as a flying migratory insect butterflies that represents summer and the beauty of nature. - stock photo

Anyway, I probably won’t be writing much this summer, but I will try to post something at least once a week.

And there is tons in the archives, so why not read one of my other brilliant pieces you have not read before?

archives word in vintage letterpress wood type on a grunge painted barn wood background - stock photo

What do you mean brilliant is a bit optimistic?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

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