A Very Bad Poem About Writer’s Block.

 writer block - text in vintage wood letterpress printing blocks stained by color inks on a grunge metal tray - stock photo

Writer’s block I hate your guts and since you are not a person that is kinda nuts.

You take away all my ideas and so, I really, really wish that you would go.

But, the more I try to sit and think, the more my writing starts to stink.

And, so my audiences gets this crap, while you sit back and have a laugh.

My stats and comments start to suffer, while your spell I am under.

I have no cleverness to defeat this state and all I can ever do is wait

Wait until my dry spell is over and hope my audience doesn’t read this one sober

Because, I admit this is very bad, but right now it is the best I have.

So, what are your strategies when this phenomenon shows up?  Do you sit and wait? Write anyway? Or do you write bad poetry?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “A Very Bad Poem About Writer’s Block.

  1. Well, I read it sober and I thought it was pretty good. I agree with Talicha. I find inspiration sometimes in paintings or pictures. And, it’s risky, but I go with my mood…..especially with poetry. Of course, my philosophy is to write with whatever I’m feeling inside. Wishing you the best. 🙂

  2. Well, your poem made me smile, so you definitely accomplished something! I haven’t experienced writer’s block yet, though I’m always hesitant to admit that for fear it will then happen. I think my tendency to outline everything helps prevent any blocks. Even if it does make me a Type-A Sheldon…

    1. Hey, whatever works. I am a free spirit I guess and go when the mood strikes and lately it ain’t been striking. I am glad it made you smile.

  3. I actually think it was kind of cute
    A nice to writer’s block tribute
    Let’s hope the block will go away
    That it won’t stay another day

    I guess that rhyming’s kind of hard
    So I won’t rhyme this line at all.

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