Locked Away.

Rabbit-Woman-by-Val-Erde-small for post

This beautiful image was done by a frequent commentator on this blog, her name is Val and she writes a blog  “Arty old bird”.

She challenged anyone who would like to do so to write a story or poem to go with the image she had named “Rabbit Woman”

So, here is my Friday fiction piece dedicate to Val who inspired it.

Locked away in the psycho’s basement and all she could think about was her pet rabbit, Harold. She had raised him since he had been born and could not help wondering if her brother, Kurt, would remember to feed and water him.

Stupid, she thought. She should be thinking of ways to escape, but none presented themselves to her.

Her hands had been tied behind her back and she had been shoved into a van and driven off until she came to this place.

Then a huge man in a ski mask threw her down her in the basement , where she had remained for the last several hours. He had not assaulted her and she shuddered wondering if that would come next.

Her mouth was dry and she wish she had some water. That, again, had her wondering about Harold. Funny how the mind works, she thought.

She laid down the best she could, she was exhausted with fatigue and fright, she fell into fretful sleep and dreamed about Harold. In the dream she was surrounded by gold and purple bursts of light. She was running away, but wherever she ran there was Harold.

She woke up with a jerk as she heard someone opening the door. Jenny froze with fright, she was tense anticipating the worst.

She heard what sounded like several footsteps scurrying above her and then the basement door burst open.

“It’s the police, ma’am have you out of here in a moment.”



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “Locked Away.

    1. Not sure how well it fits, but I am very glad you liked it. I started doing some fiction on Fridays, because I didn’t want to start a third blog.

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