An Interview With Fear

Fear - stock photo

So, today I have a guest.  I am interviewing that emotion we all love to hate: Fear.

Rachael: Mr. Fear why are you always causing so much trouble and causing so many people to give up and to not follow their dreams?

Fear: Now, just wait a minute, there Rachael, I only plant the seeds of doubt and then it is up to you good people to water and cultivate them and I must say, most of you do my best work for me, I am actually quite lazy.

Rachael: But, you must admit you loom fairly large and you like the reputation of being a badass.

Fear: Sure, I love the reputation, but as for “looming large” that is your own doing, I start out small and insignificant, but you all make me seem so important that I start to grow out of control.

Rachael: Can you give an example of that principle?

Fear: Yeah, why not? You have been wanting to publish a book, right?

Rachael: Yes…

Fear: Well, there really is nothing stopping you, but me. And the fear I first planted was not that significant. It was a wimpy, small, unsubstantiated doubt, but you fell for it just the same. Then you, my dear, not I, added to it. You convinced yourself that I was right and not only was I right,  but that I was practically invincible.  So I started to whisper more doubts, all of them small, wimpy, and unfounded, but  when you put them all together they seem to be impossible to overcome.

Evil man gesturing silence, quiet isolated on black background - stock photo

Rachael: I am beginning  to see how you operate, very underhanded, I must say.

Fear: Well, if I came right out and said you can’t do it, you may try to prove me wrong, but if I feed off your own insecurities and doubts, that is the best chance I have of taking root in your mind.

Rachael: So, you are a parasite?

Fear: I like to think of it as an opportunist. You give me the opportunity and I run with it.

Rachael:  But, fear you can be a good guy at times, can you not?

Fear: Yes, If I am  kept in reserve for real emergencies or danger ,then I will  help you get out of a bad situation or help you to avoid one all together.

But, you see, I like to be out more than this gives me opportunity  and so, I plant my seeds and whisper my doubts.

I’d liked to be acknowledged 24/7 when possible.

Rachael: Well, Fear, thank you for your candied conversation and I think except for those times of real danger, I am going to work on keeping you in reserve.

No fear concept, word on grungy blackboard - stock photo

So, how do you handle fear?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

8 thoughts on “An Interview With Fear

  1. Good fun!

    Also – fear? What is this “fear” you speak of? I have never experienced it!

    Well…except for when I see Dolphins. They’re terrifying! With their eyes and their FINS! AAAAAAAAAAAH!

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