The Meeting Place.

Boardwalk in the park - stock photo

Is it Friday already? You know what that means: fiction time!

What drew her to this place?

The serenity, the quiet, the almost ethereal charm of the woods?

She couldn’t help returning again and again to this one spot.

This one sacred spot.

This had been their place.

Their secret meeting place.

When the pressures got too great and the loneliness too much to bear, they would steal away.

It seemed right  like they were meant to be together.

She had been a fool, that is all, and yet she still returned here.

She couldn’t help herself, it drew her and she obeyed the call.

She wondered how he was doing now, was he happy?

She knew it was a forbidden topic, but they couldn’t stop her from thinking about it, could they?

She stood on the bridge and listen to rippling water remembering.

She chided herself what good did it do to stand here like a statue remembering something that could never be now?

But, really she had no choice in the matter.

This was the scene of their last parting, he was going off and marrying someone else.

Perhaps ,she should be grateful he had the guts to tell her, but why here?

Why in their special place?

He had held her while the tears fell, but there was little comfort in that last embrace.

He always was one for duty and doing what his family wanted and they wanted him to “marry well” as they put it.

They practically picked out his wife for him.

Still she could not hate him, she missed him too much.

Time to be moving on she thought, but then she heard him, he was calling her name.

“Sarah, it is me Peter.”

“How?”, she gasped in disbelief, “This is impossible!”

“Not, impossible anymore”, he said taking her in his arms.

“How did it happen?” she asked quietly.

“House fire, everyone got out but me.”



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

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