Goodbye-For a Little While.

See You Later Green Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky. - stock photo


Oh, no one is?

Something has happened to me that is seriously gonna cut back on my blogging time.

What, you ask?


Life has caught up with me and now I have got to get caught up with it.

I have been having a three-week break from my on-line classes, that ends next week.

We are moving.

My daughter’s having a graduation ceremony.

So, between the packing, homework, and celebration of major life event, I am kinda busy.

Things should calm down in a couple of weeks or possibly three and then I will be back.

What do you mean, no reason to threaten you that way?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye-For a Little While.

  1. Good luck with all that “life” stuff. Pffft, as if life is better than blogging? What does it have that blogging doesn’t? Oh, “reality”? Yeah sure…

    Looking forward to the return!

    1. Yes, “reality” is always poking its ugly head up and spoiling all my fun!

      Thanks for the good luck wishes.

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