Nine Reasons I will Not, or Have Already, Unfollowed Your Blog.

People are funny or is that insane?  Whichever it is , you would think people would show some common sense if they expect to gain some blog followers, but that doesn’t, always, seem to be the case and hence the post for today.

 1. You say things that sound angry on every single blog post.

Now, before you look at the title of this blog and cry, “Hypocrite!”  I am not talking humor here. If you can rant and make it funny and not offend every single person on the planet, then go for it ! What I am talking  about is the I hate everyone and go do that bad word to yourself kind of ranting and raving.

2.Your blog is boring.  

I guess you can say boring is in the eye of the beholder. I find most daily life blogs boring, there are many fine expectations. But, some of the ones I have  taken a peep at are written in what would be the verbal communications equivalent of a monotone.

Example: Today it was hot and I decided to take the kids swimming. Got ice-cream, Jane spilled it down her suit. She looked so funny and so surprised. What a fun day!

Grandma might find that most interesting, but the rest of us not so much.

3.I don’t do cooking or gardening blogs.

Now,this  is purely a personal preference.You did nothing wrong and your blog may be simply marvelous, just not something I am interested in.

I don’t do many mommy or daddy blogs either, again you have done nothing wrong. I do have a couple of  exceptions, because the writing is good and it is not about Little Jimmy’s day every single post.

4. You only talk about how wonderful you are.-Yeah, I have really seen this

I can’t relate to you, because I mess up all the time and blog about it, too!   Most of the people I follow mess up, I guess I like the ones where people mess up.

5.If you don’t agree with me you are a moron. 

The world is full of people and most of them don’t agree with me*pout*, but that doesn’t mean they are stupid.  Misguided perhaps…  but whatever they are, making statements like this one I saw recently, “If you say the monumental thing I just said isn’t true than tough ti****s!, I know I’m right.”, may not be the best way to make friends and influence people. ( Alright, a bit of a paraphrase, but the bleeped out sentiment and the last four words were there.)

6.Tow menny spalling mistooks and unreadabulity.

Okay, I admit it I make spelling mistakes. I also continue to read other blogs, that have an occasional mistake or two or even three.  The key is readability, if I can read it, I can forgive it.

Use spell checker,  please. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Nazi grammar police, it doesn’t catch everything, but it helps.  Not talking flawless writing, just something I can make sense of is all I ask.

3d people - man, person with cubes and word " blog" - stock photo

7. More than half of your blog post are  re-blogs.

An occasional re-blog is great, it gets people to new blogs and it is great for the people you are re-blogging, publicity is publicity after all. But, if half or more of your post are other people’s work, I wonder why you are blogging at all?  Don’t we blog to tell our story or to promote our own writing?  Sure we give the nod to other great writer’s out there, that is what a blogroll is all about, but you really do need to put up some fresh content of your own. If I have come to your blog I want to hear your voice.

8.Well..ahem… no offense…really…but.. ah..well…you can’t write.

I almost left this out of this list, who in the hell am I to tell someone else they cannot write?  Most, but certainly not all, of us bloggers are not professional writers. That is certainly true of this blogger.

I am not talking spelling and grammar# 6 dealt with that issue.

Perhaps you ramble, changing thoughts in mid-sentence without alerting the reader. Perhaps, you jump from subject to subject without tying the loose ideas together. Either way I am lost.

I can’t read what doesn’t make any sense, I don’t know why, but for some strange reason, I have always had that problem.

stock vector : Vintage metal sign - Closed - Vector EPS10. Grunge effects can be removed.

9. Your blog is no longer there.

Obvious one, I know,  and that is why I saved it for last. Usually this occurs  because  someone has quit blogging all together, but I have seen some jumpers. You close out one account and then open another, change your blog’s name 50 different times.

I had to change blog providers once and they wouldn’t let me keep the old name on the new account, so I do understand this is necessary, sometimes. But, if you disappear and reappear more often than a David Copperfield Illusion, than it is hard to keep up.

So, do you have a criteria or do you follow any old blog? Do you feel guilty about cutting ties?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

14 thoughts on “Nine Reasons I will Not, or Have Already, Unfollowed Your Blog.

  1. I regularly cut people from here and Facebook because they’re rude or boring. I’m a pain in the ass, but I like me so that’s ok!

    Great blog!

    1. Well everyone must be something. 😉 Glad you liked the post. Feel free to come over any time and be yourself.

  2. Yes to #6! YES! If I don’t feel like the author cares about the finished product, why bother to read it? Those red squiggles are under the word for a reason, people!

    I don’t like the rambles of daily life, either. Occasionally I’ll explore topics and read a single blog post about someone’s kid, particularly if they have special needs, but I don’t usually follow them.

    I usually avoid blogs that have a lot of potty mouth. I can look past a little, but if four-letter words are all they’ve got, it feels like they lack creativity.

    1. I am not a great speller, but I pay attention to those squiggles. I read one blogger, who on occasion has a bit of a potty mouth, because his writing is excellent, but I know that is not enough for everyone. This is a PG blog, so, I do try and keep the potty down, I cannot say no swear words ever pass my lips and on to the page, but I try and keep it creative and use a lot of innuendo.
      I am glad you stopped by and liked the post.

  3. On #6, “unreadabullity”…lol. 🙂 Ugh…I’m #9. I’m always thinking of really cool names for blogs, but don’t want 10 blogs, so I change the name. I think too much, most likely. Good stuff, Rachael. 🙂

    1. Glad you like. My advice is to find your voice and stick with it! You are a good writer. just believe in yourself!

    1. Okay, then, Daniel, time to rethink the medication. Unless you were on something when you wrote this and if so, STOP TAKING IT! 😉 You is funny all and always. You are most likely welcome.

  4. My criteria for following and unfollowing blogs change frequently but I’m with you on these. Also, some other thoughts…

    The multiple reblogs are usually done by spammers and there’s no point saying anything to them about it as they just don’t listen (mostly because they have no ears.) The human beings that do it aren’t interested in anything other than themselves and don’t read posts like this – they just grab it from the Reader or elsewhere.

    The ones with blogs that vanish – well, many are taken down by the bloghost as they’re spamming or breaking the site’s Terms Of Service, many others are spammers who do what they do then they delete the blog, and others… people do delete blogs. I’ve done it many times, but I do try to let people first.

    The ‘look at me/agree with me’ brigade are frequently young teenagers who haven’t yet learned how to behave properly. Do I want to read teen blogs? Nope. I have no interest in them.

    The boring blogs that go on and on about their day, well really they should be private blogs but they don’t realise their content is public much of the time, nor that there is such a thing as a private blog. Oh, and some are teenagers! 😉

    1. Actually, the blogs I found that fit the criteria in this posting are written by “adults” and they are not even spammers. The daily life blogs would be better off as private ones or invite only, if that is possible. Like I said, Grandma may enjoy your little outing at the beach, but well..the rest of us…snore! As far as teen blogs I am with you, since I am not a teenager, it isn’t all that appropriate for me to be reading them, nor does it peak my interest to do so. I suppose if it was creative and well written I may read a blog hosted by a young person. But, I wouldn’t seek one out.

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