In Misery We Roam.

So, Friday has rolled around once again and today I am doing my own thing, no silly , no ranting, plenty of spooky.

It is a poem that tells a story.

If you want funny, don’t worry plenty of that in the archives and I will be back Sunday or Monday with more silly.

hallway in an abandoned complex, hdr processing - stock photo

In musty abandoned halls we roam

Reliving the hell we brought on ourselves

Chained by past deeds too awful to tell

Trapped here and denied eternal peace

We roam these halls most days alone

With eyes that stare but cannot see the light

And wail out our misery in silence

We can no longer touch the things we love

We can only be tortured  by their ever-present memories

And, although, sometimes in company we may roam

We can only pass each other and are denied recognition

Then our cries turn into shrieks as we damn our fate

To be granted eternal life to live in misery



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “In Misery We Roam.

  1. Witty, um no , silly usually, never profound, not me, make your day? I wish I could, you tell me something funny, I need more laughs in my life!

    1. Read the the parodies, they are quite silly, the link is on the top of the page. Hopefully they will bring a smile.

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