Confession of Silly Proportions.

It is time to get this off my chest: I am a Silly Person.

I try to hide it ,but I never can…I am so ashamed.

How can I be more serious? Why can’t I wear a grumpy face and rant at people? WHY? Why must I be so damn silly?

I see other, grumpier people than me and say.. “If them, why not me?”

What a curse I bear, to go through life laughing at the absurd and being absurd.

If you only knew the horror of being so goofy. If you knew the absolute lack of appreciation out there for us silly folks you would pity me.

I mean when people are sad, you try and cheer them, right?

When people are grumpy you walk on egg-shells trying to placate them, correct?

When they are mean you can yell back and get into a rip-snorting fight.

But, what in the hell do you do with a silly person?

You try and shame them, they make it into a joke and do not have the sense to take it personal and get angry back at you.

Lord, help me I am just too silly.

So, are you a silly or serious type? Confess, do.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

15 thoughts on “Confession of Silly Proportions.

  1. I can empathize. I’m extremely silly myself. The older I get, the sillier I get. There doesn’t seem to be a cure, Rachael. So, we are forced to embrace it, and drive everyone nuts. 🙂

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