On-line Classes and Oatmeal for Brains.

I have tried to write this week, but the brain is like oatmeal after the on-line classes are completed for the day.

Having to dealing with students who say stuff like- “hay i really likes your post maid much senses to me do u think that media is a good thing?”  -starts to wear you down.

Especially when you are expected to “participate” in class room discussions 8 times a week.

That and the 4 freakin’ assignments due at the end of the week!

Damn! I am beginning to think I’m too old for this!!

So, do you have “oatmeal for brains” kind of days? Do you like oatmeal?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

4 thoughts on “On-line Classes and Oatmeal for Brains.

      1. What an eerie coincidence… I just finished sending a reply to an email from a friend, in which I explained that I am very tired from being up all night, much too tired to reply in-depth the way I want to, because: “my head feels like it’s full of bubbles, which I suspect is not really a good thing, even though it feels kind of interesting.” Then, as soon as I sent that email, I read this post, where you talk about having oatmeal for brains. Too SpOOky!

      2. Spooky and lumpy. Lumpy oatmeal brains. I’ll be fine, at least I hope so, when the classes are over.

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