EP of Insanity.


I have been going on a site called The Experience Project, or EP for short. Mostly because I am needy, there I said it, are you happy now?

Not exactly sure what they are supposed to be. They seem to be a hodge-podge of social media experiences.

There is a message board, a Q&A section where the sarcastic and the dimwitted alike meet, a place where you can blog, different groups you can join,  people you can add to your “circle of friends”, and a one on one chat feature.

As with any type of social media the drawback is well…people.

A goofy man wearing trendy nerd glasses isolated over white with a funny expression on his face. - stock photo

To give you a taste of the dumb-butt questions asked there, I have picked out 4 of the dumber ones and given my own fake answers.

1.Is it wrong that I am dancing with four black guys I met at a club, while my husband is deployed?

Now ,when is acting like a slut while your mate is off defending the country a bad thing? Now, if you where dancing with 4 white guys, I would say…Whoa, girl, what’s up with that? But, since you are obviously not prejudice and promote culture diversity dance your little spandex hinney off.

2.Did you know your actually the most amazing person ever? Don’t you agree? Yes you who’s reading this.

Yes, I know I am!  Finally someone who gets it! I am the most amazing person ever, I have held that title for 10 years in my mind. So, yes I do, I do agree!

3. I’m back online dating after a year abstinence after a break up with a guy i met online. He has messaged me do i reply?

First of all whoa! You have not cyber dated in a year? How did you ever mange to go so long? Hell, yeah message him because nothing says, ‘desperate’ like replying to an ex-virtual boyfriend.

4.Ever have ppl say”what are you doing” when they can see i am washing dish’s or what ever.i can’t stand be asked that.

What are ppl, is that a new music group?  I don’t blame you for being extremely agitated. I cannot say, however, that I have ever had anyone ask me “what are you doing” while you are doing dishes or whatever. I don’t think I could stand be asked that, either. I mean how in the hell, did they know you were doing dishes? Are they psychic?

So, what do you do when you are asked a stupid question on social media? Do you ignore it? Or do you make an amazing, yes, an amazing blog post out of it?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

7 thoughts on “EP of Insanity.

  1. I haven’t heard of that site. I think I’m at my social media limit so I would just ignore those questions and move on. But of course, I’d get a good laugh out of them first like you did. 😉

    1. Definitely blogger fodder, it is a general question board, so no Q’s were directly aimed at me. I did get hit on and at my age you don’t know whether to laugh or cry? I do feel sorry for the poor nearsighted lad, not sorry enough not to block him, though.

  2. Oh my goodness…
    …. that’s all I’ve got.

    Except that I really liked your answers, especially to #1. Also, I love this line:
    “As with any type of social media the drawback is well…people.”
    (Not to mention the ppl)

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