The Maze.

It is Friday once again, so no funny. Funny will be back on Sunday, promise!

I hope you will enjoy this fantasy piece instead, if not there is always the archives.

He faced the entrance determined; he wasn’t giving up this time.

So, many times he had tried before and had always failed, something always happened to send him back to the starting point.

But, this time he wasn’t giving up.

He had gotten farther than he ever had and he had a glimpse of what awaited him if he made it through.

Now, it was no longer a game to him, he had to win, he had to make it through the maze.

His took a deep breath, his heart racing, not looking forward to going in there again.

The maze was huge with many false leads that went on for hours only to take you back to where you started. It was damn frustrating.

He stepped into the first dark passage and waited until his eyes adjusted to the dim light.

He stared down the new passage hoping it would lead to the other side.

Again he saw the light; the same light he had seen on his last try through the maze and had heard the soft voice of his departed wife.

She was singing that song she always loved, he had hated that song and always teased her about being so sentimental, but now it sounded like heaven itself.

He hadn’t been able to hear that voice on his first trips through the maze and when he had first heard it, it was not distinguishable from the breezes that had fluttered among the foliage.

He remembered the day he had been able to ascertain that it was a human voice, that peak his curiosity. He would see if he could locate this voice. And then to his utter amazement he realized it was Rosa’s voice and it was her song. He had stopped right in his tracks and cried like a baby. Bewildered he ran toward that voice with no heed to where he was headed. When he found himself back at the entrance he knew he’d try again

Frustrated, but determined he was going to get through this maze or die in the attempt,so, he kept coming back. He felt today was going to be the day, for the voice was clearer and surer than it had ever been. He could see the light beyond and he was steadily moving toward it, he was going to make it, he could feel it.

Crying? Why could he hear a distant weeping? What was it? It was coming from near the entrance. It started to pull him back despite himself.

“Drowned it out”, he thought, “Just keep headed toward the singing.”

A hand reached out and Edward grabbed it, it was soft and pink, it was Rosa’s!

He had made it!

Rosa looked at him sadly “You must go back; it is not your time.”

“NO!” he cried determined to never again let go of that hand.

“But, the children are crying, Eddy, they need you.”

The hardest thing Edward had ever done was to let go of that hand and make his way back to the entrance.

He knew he would face the maze again, but he also knew that it would be a long time before his return.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “The Maze.

  1. This is not fiction, Rachael, something very much like this is happening in real life right now with our neighbor, Joe Martinez. Joe was moving a 300 pound generator several days ago and was injured. His father-in-law, my husband’s best friend Cesario, took him to the hospital. Joe then went into a coma, and stopped breathing. He is now on life support and unresponsive. Yesterday a priest administered last rites. My husband is there in the hospital with him right now, along with Cesario, and Joe’s wife, Lupe, who has been by his side ever since he was taken to the hospital. Joe and Lupe were married just last year. Lupe has 3 young children from a previous marriage, and Joe has been a wonderful father to them. That whole family has gone through so much suffering already, I don’t know how they can bear to lose Joe now. They are precious, sweet people, and I love them. I have been praying and praying, begging God to spare Joe’s life…. but I keep gettiing the very strong feeling that Joe’s spirit has already left this earth, and he doesn’t want to come back. It is very surreal that you wrote this now…. because when I pray for Joe, I someone can sense that Joe is in a kind of limbo between this life and the next, and he really wants to go on to the next world, but our prayers are holding him back. Or, am I imagining this? I think I must be imagining it, and yet it seems so real. So I pray and tell God to tell Joe how much the children need him, and that he can go to heaven later when they are grown and he and Lupe are old. I just don’t want Joe to die. Not now.

      1. Thanks.My worry is mainly for the children. They have been through far too much already in their young lives.

      2. Yes, but, you know what? I am tired of being sad. So I am going to switch to happier thoughts… those 3 children have lots of LOVE in their extended family, and Joe is in the hands of the Lord, and also in a good hospital in Texas, and my hubby just left for a ride on his motorcycle with a big happy smile on his face and his awesome green-blue eyes sparkling, the sun is shining, and I am going to take our Lady dog for a run in a few minutes…. so…. life is GOOD. Despite those times when it’s not. 🙂

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