Getting Social Media or Not.

This was another one of those daily prompt things: Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

I couldn’t help think, “What do you mean by “get” is it catching, like the flu?”

LONDON - AUGUST 16: Facebook accounts targeted in dislike application scam as the popular social media networking site warns users of the scam August 16, 2010 in London, UK. - stock photo

What would it look like if I “caught” Facebook?

Would I keep handing people photos of good luck angels , pestering them to play games they already told me 989 times they didn’t want to play, make inflammatory political speeches and when challenged ignore all opposition?

Would I like everything by sticking my thumb up?

Would I share all my personal preferences, when no one cares, like what brand of toilet paper I use?

Would I tell everyone every mundane thing about my ordinary life such as : Went to the mall, watching dancing with the stars, just ate at Burger Bob’s and so on and so forth…

SAN FRANCISCO, CA  - MAY 25: After months of rumors, Twitter has finally announced that it has acquired third-party client TweetDeck on May 25, 2011 in San Francisco, CA - stock photo

What if I “caught” Twitter?

Would the symptoms  include blurting out random sh** until someone notices me,talking in only 140 or less characters, following complete strangers,getting paranoid when complete strangers won’t follow me, passing out stars whenever someone says something I like, randomly blurting out “Read my blog!”, and talking in strange symbols such as #FF@raeme67 and NCT?

 So, to answer the question, I do  tend to use Facebook mostly to keep up with family and of course to plug my blog.

Twitter? Well, Twitter is the most fun you can have in 140 characters. The best part for me has been meeting all the great writers and the people from different parts of the world.

Seeing what random crap has been thrown up for the day has its appeal as well, let’s face it is a comedian’s gold mine!

And of course, once again it is great for plugging the blog.

So, do you get social media? Do you pretend to get social media? Do you want to get social media?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

12 thoughts on “Getting Social Media or Not.

  1. I get social media to the extent that it suits me. I’m sure there’s much I’m missing out on, but I’m okay with that. I prefer blogging and Twitter. FB I’m still on the fence about. Not too many people ‘talking’ about my page (whatever THAT means), so I’m not sure I’m using it very effectively.

    1. I might be missing out on some stuff, too, but I cannot see how you could spend all day, there. That being said, a couple times I did spend many hours there, probably a few too many hours. Blogging I can spend a good chunk of the day on, when I am in writing mood.

      1. I think writing is productive at least, Twitter is fun and fun is good, but sometimes you gotta get to work and do something.

  2. Originally I got myself both a Twitter account just for the blog, but as I’ve come to understand the site (as much as one can!) I quickly realised that I don’t like to read other people’s publicity tweets when it’s all they do there and so why should anyone want to only read mine? So now, I will put one or two plugs for the blog or my artwork or whatever, but the rest of time time I just witter my silliness there, or talk to some there, or RT a few bits and pieces I enjoy and want to share.

    Facebook’s different. I have a profile and I have a separate Page. The page is for publicising my blog posts and stuff about my artwork (for instance, when I upload a new pic to my portfolio on Redbubble, I’ll plug it on my Page) and people know that’s what it’s for, though recently I’ve been trying to engage people a little via their comments, there. Basically Pages work best if they’re treated like we treat visitors to our blogs: human contact works better than sterile updates. That said, I haven’t really done enough on my Page yet.

    My profile on FB is where I let myself go a little bit more and I am different from many other users as – so far, at least – I haven’t invited any of my family, as I keep them separate from my friends. Stuff I would say to friends and acquaintances is not stuff I necessarily want to say to my family on the basis that we can choose our friends but not our family and some of the latter aren’t exactly… entirely on my wavelength! I also only follow people I really like or feel I stand a chance of getting to know as individuals. I don’t just follow or add for the sake of getting loads of friends/followers.

    Whoops, that was long, wasn’t it? Well… you did ask! 😉

  3. It took me a little while to figure out Twitter. Know I feel like I get it and draw a lot of blog traffic from it. For the first year, I couldn’t figure it out.

  4. I discovered FB several years ago, before it became so insanely well-known. This was back in the dinosaur era when myspace was the big thing. I was on Facebook until almost a year and a half ago, accumulating several hundred very close and personal friends from every continent but Antarctica. The problem for me was that I really began to care very much about my friends in South Africa, Australia, France, Venezuala, and so forth. I couldn’t stay off of FB, I was up at all hours of the day and night! When friends on one side of the earth went to bed, friends on the other side of the earth began sending me good morning messages. I almost never slept. It was like a world wide 24-hour pajama party that never ended.

    Finally, on New Years Day of 2012, I ended my FB account. But I only did so after sending a personal message to each of my FB friends explaining why I was ending my account, and offering to stay in touch with them via my personal email address. Out of my nearly 500 close personal FB friends from around the world, 5 stayed in touch via email. That’s it. Just Five. And the one from India got creepy, so I had to block him.

    A couple of weeks ago, after more than a year of no FB, I decided to go back on FB and have just ONE FRIEND ONLY, that one being, of course, my Best-Friend-Hubby. He now has more than 1,000 friends from all over the globe, plus our family, and he likes to share with me the things they post on his wall. It was hard for my BFH to share these things with me when I wasn’t on FB, so I finally agreed to start a new account, with just him as my only friend. But I haven’t had my new FB account for a whole month yet, and I am already overwhelmed with all the stuff my hubby keeps posting on my FB wall! It’s way too much to keep up with! But I can’t unfriend him — he is my Best-Friend-Husband, after all!

    Twitter is cool. I started that around the time I ended my FB account in January 2012. Twitter doesn’t take up much of my time at all. You can’t get into long philosophical/religious/political/relationship/family drama/or health issues discussions on twitter. So it suits me much better than FB.

    That, and commenting on other people’s blogs. 🙂

    Lynda, aka Lady Quixote

    1. I like FB for family and Twitter is just fun for me and of course it helps to plug the blog there. I just ignore the bad stuff on FB, mostly family drama.

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