Are You Crazy? My Experiences in A Chat Room.

Now when you read this post you are going to say, “Rachael, are you crazy!?”

And I’m going to say, “Oh, are you new to this blog?”

I have never done the chat room thing, until one day a few months ago. I heard that chat rooms were on the way out… so, I thought I’d better check one out before they disappear, but  much to my surprise there still seems to be plenty of them out there, Lord help us!

stock vector : Satin smooth sticker chat room icon. Yellow and blue color web button. Strip speech bubbles shape with shadow on white background. This vector illustration saved in 10 eps

I  thought it might make good fodder for the blog and that much was certainly true.

It was like a Tourette’s convention on steroids! Twitter on its worst day was never this bad!

I was on for 10 or so minutes the first day and I actually talked with an intelligent soul from South Africa and I thought that it just might be possible that intelligent chat rooms do exist after all? Obviously, I was wrong.

It seems that most people on chat are devoid of a sense of humor and do not appreciate it if you are intelligent.

I don’t know how many times I got the condescending… “I’m not smart like you.

And this was in the chat room named aptly enough: “Philosophy, I think therefore I am.”

They have a version of private chat and not being the most savvy socially aware person, I left it on. Up popped jerk #1.  He wanted to know what I looked like and my weight.  So, I told him I weighed 550 pounds and had no hair.

stock vector : Killer whale

I thought if he had a sense of humor at all he’d say, at the very least, “LOL”  or better yet he would ask  me if I had ever doubled for Shamu the whale at Sea World.

But, no he was looking for something else, so after calling me a name I won’t repeat, he blocked me.

Goodbye jerk #1. I decided I have had enough for one day.

“You are not saying you went back!”  I hear you cry in protest.

I am afraid so.  I’ll do anything for a blog post.

“What in the world is wrong with you?”   I can hear you thinking.

The doctors are still working on that one and when I know,you will.

I try the 30+ chat room,on the same site,thinking that they may be can I say this nicely?… well, I can’t…less stupid. I was wrong.

I talk to a fairly nice guy. Like I said, he was a fairly nice guy, full of bull crap perhaps, but he kept it clean. He was in the army and I think he said he was an engineer of some type, he couldn’t spell engineer, but I won’t hold that against him.

When you first arrive in the chat room your private chat link stays open. I found this out, because while I was talking to Mr. Nice Bull-crapper, in the Tourette’s like room, up pops  24-year-old jerk #2 on private chat.

The first thought I had was,  “I thought this was over 30- ville, what are you doing here?”

And then I thought, “Why?”  I didn’t lie about my age.

Didn’t deter Mr. Horny Britches.  His exact words, close as I can remember, where: “Mature or not I wouldn’t mind.”

Although, somewhat of a cryptic message, I got his meaning.

I do realize and am very grateful that it wasn’t any worse than this, it could have been.

I look for away to turn off  private chat,  but before I figure it out, jerk # 3 pops up. He is a “photogruffer”.  He says I take a nice “pickture”  and calls me babe. I think his eye-sight must be faulty, but be that as it may, I will never be sure what gems I would have gotten from him, because I figured out (finally!) how to turn off the private chat.

I say goodbye to nice bull-crapper and leave the room.

Will I go back? I am struggling with that one, the comedian in me says there is a lot of material there. Don’t judge, it is kind of like research.

But, the normal(? )Rachael is saying run away, run far, far away!

I think I am going to listen to the sane Rachael for a change, because no matter how good the material is , it is not always a good thing to immerse yourself in too much research.

I wrote this a  long time ago and you may be glad to know I never went back.  How this appeals to people, well, I can’t figure that out and the next time curiosity gets the best of me, I’m gonna ignore it.  Have you ever gone to a chat room, good or bad experience?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Are You Crazy? My Experiences in A Chat Room.

  1. “So, I told him I weighed 550 pounds and had no hair.”—Hahaha!

    I’ve only been in medical chat rooms–a long time ago when they were a relatively new. No weirdness there although plenty of opinions were flying. But even in a chat room I’m an introvert, so I asked my one question and then sat in the background like a silent troll.

    For somebody studying psychology, I think you’re right–plenty of good research potential there. If it doesn’t creep you out first…

    1. I thought it was amusing,too. He didn’t feel the same. The creepiness trumped the research potential! 😉

      It is a mystery to me how it appeals to anyone? Some must enjoy them,though, since they are still out there.

  2. Now that was hilarious!! LOL funny!! I love how you told him your size, and the reference to standing in for Shamu, etc. You’re braver than I am, I have never been in a chat room. But it sounds like a good place, if for nothing else, than the humor that you provided us with! Will you ever go back, just for fun, just to see if any intelligent life may have grown in your absence? Thanks for the laugh!

    1. Glad you like it! 🙂 No, I ain’t going back. It is a place of bedlam! Intelligent life and chat rooms don’t go together, I’m afraid.

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