Sally Brown.

I had this on my old blog site and since it is Easter once again, thought I’d re-post it.

On Easter my family and I watched “It’s the Easter beagle Charlie Brown” and for the first time it hit me, Sally, is not just a female, she is truly feminine.

Just because you’re a female that does not always make one feminine, one is gender, the other a mixture of personality and attitude.

Although, Sally had a few moments when she became merely female, she reverted back to being feminine quickly.

This is a good trait to have, because even the most feminine creature alive can mess up.

I realized this trait in Sally ,the first time, when she goes to buy some shoes.

She picks out an older platform type shoe.

Her brother, Charlie Brown, asks her:  “Aren’t those shoes a little out of date?”

Her response is truly feminine.

She does not say: “How would you know what is or not in fashion?”

Instead she explains: “There on sale and I like to be different, anyway.”

Notice she hasn’t given up her independence, but she has tact.

She tries to stand up, wobbles, and her big brother catches her; then she smile up at him warmly.

Notice she did not say, “I don’t need your help to walk!”

The next time it appears is when she is talking to Linus who is trying to convince her about the Easter Beagle.

She struggles to believe him, he had messed up before, so, does she chew him out or remind him what a dope he is?

Oh, no not the feminine Sally, she remarks; “I don’t know, I want to believe you, because I admire you and respect you, but I just don’t know”

She softens the blow, she does not remind him of his past stupid mistakes, and she makes him feel good about himself by stating his good qualities.

Why Linus is not madly in love with her from this point on, I can not tell you, but is a cartoon after all.

Like I said before, even the most feminine creature will mess up, and Sally is no exception.

When this Easter Beagle does not show up when she thinks he should have, it is then, she messes up, reminding him of his big mistake, in that Pumpkin patch at Halloween and she lets him know she should not have trusted him.

After she is done ranting, the long-awaited Easter beagle does show up.

What does, the ultra feminine, Sally do next?

Does she ignore the fact that she just messed up and never says another thing about it?

Not our girl, Sally, she brags about him to their friends, saying, “Linus was right” and although, not in the show, being the feminine girl that she is, I believe she must have apologized to him as well.

Being feminine to me is being respectful and kind. What is your definition, do you have one?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Sally Brown.

  1. I don’t consider myself the most feminine woman, but in a household surrounded by testosterone, I’m certainly the most feminine one of the bunch. 🙂

    Happy Easter!

    1. I am sure you are! 😉 My sister, Becky had 3 boys , she always said she was outnumbered. You have a Happy Easter,too!

  2. Mascara and eyeliner. That’s my definition of feminine. With my short, thin, naturally blond now going gray eyelashes, my eyes seem to disappear off my face wthout the kohl black stuff painted on. My husband says if the house were on fire, I would put on my mascara and eyeliner before I would leave. Silly hubby, how little he knows me. I keep my sunglasses handy, just for that contingency.

    1. When I was a teenager, my mom would tease me saying I wouldn’t go out to the mailbox without first putting on my make-up. She was pretty close to the mark! 🙂

  3. I am still trying to figure this one out. I grew up in a household with two brothers,in an area that had no girls my age,and then I went to an all-boys high school. =facepalm= I don’t think its make-up,or frilly dresses,or not being athletic or interested in ,say,how a car works. I knew very “feminine” woman who liked the latter two and were not that interested iin the former. I guess its the “Sally” thing” ,being aware of other feelings and configuring needs in a softer way. I love Sally Brown most when she gets out of control and starts shouting” there is no tomorrow,they announced it on television!” Of course she had just heard a snippet of a golf tournament,”If he misses this,there is no tomorrow!” 🙂
    Great post Rach!

    1. Thank you so much. I grew up between two brothers. I have more sisters than brothers, but the are all older than I am. I like all the peanuts gang, but Linus is my favorite. Guess I am attract to intelligence. 😉

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