The Sexist Blogger or Hi, My Name is Jackass!

Excuse me ladies, I am a Jackass!

Today I came across a sexist blog post, not one to name names, I will not give out his link. (Thus denying him any publicity)

I tried playing it his way and I responded in a respectful way to his most offensive post. Found out he is not only a sexist, but a coward as well; when he can’t give an answer he deletes your response. So, no more Ms.Nice Gal!

He was bemoaning the fact that women, in his opinion, are no longer feminine. He went on with his tirade on what makes a woman feminine  and what makes her a “bitch”(excuse the language on this PG blog, but I felt it important to use the  author’s  own words here)

If you don’t make out with him after he has “spent his hard-earned money on you”, than you are a “bitch”. If he buys you dinner you better put out!

beautiful red lips isolated on white - stock photo
You may be an over-bearing jerk, but you did buy me dinner-smooch!

I will not trifle with your intelligence ,dear reader, in expounding much more of his nonsense, but thought I would take his list of what makes a woman feminine and respond to his idiotic notions here, as I expect no response out of him.

His list will appear in yellow. Because, I was concerned about copying word for word without giving credit,I have taken out and changed a word here and there; you still  get his full meaning and the sentiments are not diminished.

I bought you dinner, honey, now shut up and put out!

 She is quiet in public (places ), because she has the wisdom to be reserved.– Your date is going to be kind of boring if you never let her open her mouth. Is this like the old rule for children? Don’t speak unless spoken to? I think what you really want is a well-trained dog. Speak ,Fido!

I do think sawing off my left arm is a good idea and I am the MAN!

  She supports him( her man) unquestionably in public and private –So, if he is about to saw his arm off we just go with that decision?  I will support my man in public and in private as he supports me. I hope both of us have the sense to question each other when it is needed.  That is called communication.

You can turn her on and off with just the flick of a switch!

  If she disagrees with her man, she never(does so) in a disagreeable  way.-She is just a ray of little o’ sunshine, too bad she doesn’t get to be human. Buddy, if you find a woman like this don’t close your eyes at night you may end up like Mr.Bobbitt.

“Well..I don’t usually do that, but you are such a man!” *giggle*

She is both chaste and sought out, but is selective in who she spends her time with.Okay, brainiac, do you know what chaste means? Earlier in your post you just said she needed to put out if you bought her dinner kind of hard to stay chaste while putting out. I guess she would be come unchaste for such a prize as you!

She never speaks or interrupts when a man is talking.  She waits cheerfully for her turn to speak.-Stepford wives come to mind here. Do you interrupt?  I bet you do. Just how could any woman not hang on your every little word, genius that you are.

Treat me bad, all I ask is that I am allowed to clean your house.

  She is delicate  thus promoting  her reputation as a lady and her treatment as one.So, if she is not a pansy enough to put up with your bull crap, you can treat her badly? What a catch you are!

I really don’t feel like this is a chore at all, I love doing your laundry, you wonderful man,you.

  She manages  her house (well) – not as a chore,   she alone can make her house into a home.-Not sure the woman you have described would have the brains to manage anything at all. But, what are brains? You have a delicate flower who has no opinions and keeps her mouth shut, who could ask for more?

Day care? That is an insult! I like being driven insane, by a demanding Jackass and his brood.

  She is attentive to  the teaching  of her children; would see daycare as an insult.-She needs no time to herself. After all wife-slave same thing! Daycare is indeed evil! Especially for delicate little girls who might start thinking and acting for themselves, they might even talk in public, can’t have that!

What should I do? I need a man to tell me.

  She doesn’t work, unless she is still single ; without having the care of  a proper gentleman. -Are you referring to yourself? A proper gentlemen would not call a lady a “bitch” nor demand that she compensate him for a few dollars spent on her. I think this blogger must want a complete idiot for a wife and I have no doubt it is the only kind he would have not have a problem in procuring.

Ever run into a sexist jerk? Have a story about how you handled it?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

19 thoughts on “The Sexist Blogger or Hi, My Name is Jackass!

  1. OMG!! This man is a narcissist rooted in a slew of insecurity! He needs therapy. OMG, Rachael, I would have been nuts with rage reading something like that. LOL…maybe he’ll get help. Unbelievable, he wants a woman who’s can act like a lady AND a slut. This guy is confused. What about him?? Oh…oh…he’s a narcissist. I must go and cool off now. 😀

    1. Glad I didn’t included the link to his post you may never have cooled off! 😉 My husband was more upset with his blabbering than I was! You’d think this kind was extinct by now! Apparently not!

  2. Wow, what a guy! Sadly, I do know men like this. I grew up in a religious environment, and this was how a lot of the men thought. In fact, my cousin currently thinks this way and treats his wife like that. His first wife left him, no surprise, so now he’s found a meeker woman to control. It drives me absolutely crazy.

    1. I bet it does! It is a stupid outdated attitude!
      There are plenty of good men out there, my husband was almost more upset with this guys ramblings than I was!
      I think I’ll keep him! 🙂

  3. Oh, Jeez, this guy would last about one minute with me. Not because I’m an obnoxious, ‘unfeminine’ woman, but because I would have thrown up all over him in disgust of his ‘rules.’

    Loved this by the way: “Buddy, if you find a woman like this don’t close your eyes at night you may end up like Mr.Bobbitt.”

  4. Such people should not be allowed to blog. Voicing their opinion, fine. But with actual words on the interweb… hmm

    Well done for keeping so calm, cool blog post 🙂

  5. Ha, excellent deconstruction. Sadly there are too many men who live by those. You can’t correct them all, so just point them all to this post going forward.

    My old “Don’t’s for Wives” post got the attention of a crazy male forum called “Men Going Their Own Way” (for your sanity, don’t visit). They have all trashed me, but sent steady traffic to the blog, so I’m not complaining.

    One of them was even infuriated enough to leave a comment on the post. People are hilarious.

    1. Thank you ,Daniel. 😀
      I remember that post, one of the first ones I commented on, I think. I will steer clear of the site you mentioned. I think these types are afraid of anyone who is intelligent, they want to stay ignorant. So, I’d take the trashing as a badge of honor.

  6. Wow. No words….. just……. wow. I actually didn’t think people thought like this anymore, this guy sounds like he belongs in the 1920’s!

      1. Definately, I’m sure with the amount of people he managed to piss off with that one blog we would all be able to chip in and pay for a one way ticket for the man to Mars 😉 No worries lovely! 🙂

  7. The guy is a total jerk. He needs to think less about what makes a “lady” and more of what makes a “gentleman” A gentleman does not demand romantic or sexual favors from a lady because he spent money on her, and a gentleman does not demand that a woman earn the right to be treated like a lady.

  8. Wow!! great thing I never found this post until many months later! Just reading it now, about 9 months after you originally posted it, I find my blood beginning to boil.

    I am just speechless!!! Normally I would ask to be pointed in his general direction to set him straight, but sorry, this time I am too busy swearing in my head to make a rational decision!

    I actually feel like I am going to throw up!! I cannot stand men who actually believe any woman should be given a set of dos and don’ts , and a guideline in order to be considered well…ANYTHING!

    Before I go off the deep end with this, I have to say thank you, I enjoyed your post. As I now retreat to the nearest punching bag with his face on it (in my mind of course) all I have to say to him is “way to go Captain Obvious”, you just proved why you probably are now single!!!

    I go now to chill out, and try to breathe!! Keep on writing Rachael, and peace and love to you,

      1. Ok, I stopped and took a breath. So now I am leaving “Captain Obvious” to live in his own fantasy land, which I am sure includes no one else but himself. I now go to spread more happiness around the internet. Be well my friend!! M

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