How to Be a Bad Blog Host-10 Suggestions.

Much has been written on how be a good blog host.  Much  less has been written on how to be a bad blog host.

I thought it was time to change all that, so I took matters into my own hands and below is the results.

Here are 10 strategies you can try. Do one or do all ten, I guarantee you will have the reputation you deserve!

#1. Just ignore everyone who comes on your blog. That’s right just pretended they don’t exist, I mean what do you owe these people anyway? All you owe them is a good blog post, right?

#2.Only reply to your friends, relatives, or those comments that particularly strike your fancy. I mean if you encourage all the pathetic losers out there, they’ll keep coming back and bothering you on your blog, who wants that?

#3. Don’t answer blog replies individually, but instead answer 3-4 people at a time.  I mean who has time to answer all these nice people who took time out of their day to read your blog and have posted a reply? Certainly not you!

#4. Never reply to those who just tweet that they liked your blog post.  If they want you to reply to them, then make em’ come on your blog to reply. Some people need to be put in place.

#5.Argue with your guests. Give them something to think about! The harsher you can sound the better and try using the caps lock often.

#6.Make people fill in a form every time they want to leave you a reply. People love filling out forms! Robot’s don’t, that is known fact! So captcha this!

#7.Tweet your blog 10-15 times in a row. I cannot over empathize this one enough! If you really want to annoy people this is the way to go!

#8.If you are in doubt, just assume that the reply left for your post was meant in the most nasty way possible and give  it back to them with both barrels.

#9. Write a nasty blog post aimed at recent blog comments you found particular irksome and be sure to name names. No good if you don’t name names.

#10.Leave em’ hanging. Do the disappearing act with no explanations what so ever. Make sure you are very random when doing this. Make it weeks, then a month, then several months; repeat cycle. Never explain anything! I mean you don’t owe these people anything, do you?

That is my list and I probably, at one time,  was guilty of number #7. What would you add to the list of how to be a bad blog host?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

35 thoughts on “How to Be a Bad Blog Host-10 Suggestions.

    1. Possibly, if they have a relationship with you and everyone is sure the other is joking, otherwise I would say, “No” -Some people are just sensitive like that.Dang em’! 😉 Glad you stopped by!

  1. Have just started my blog. Thank you very much for teaching me. If it comes the time you requieres a piece of good advice too, feel invited on my blog and you get one for free!

  2. I’d say your list is pretty complete, and it’s a good way to keep blog readers away. I don’t think I’ve committed any of them, but I should probably DO #7 more. The only tweet that gets sent out about my post is the automated one. I should probably throw in an extra one or two, but I get lazy.

  3. Oh dear, I may be guilty of a couple unintentionally. I try to be good, I really do, but it’s hard. How do you manage, Rachael? What’s your secret? Seriously, you are an excellent blog host. You are the “Queen” of blog host. 😀

    1. Not sure I am the “queen” of anything. You learn as you go secrets. I make exceptions to almost all I have listed, but if you can’t write and do too many of them, I get discouraged. I put you in the can write category. 🙂

    1. That is the best way, people like to see you have responded.I have few followers at this time, so I can keep up very well. I have about 59 followers and out of that I get about 8 steady commentators,a few who come and go and a few that reply once and I never hear from again.*sigh*

      1. I love the comments and envy you that, but it may be because I am female that I like to comment so much. It is kind of like talking. 😉

      1. I made my blog private (to me only!) recently, because that domain name is coming to an end at the end of this month, and I rarely write in it anyway so I thought maybe I should just let it go. But my hubby says he wants me to keep it, so, I don’t know what to do… I’m writing a book and that tends to take up all of my time.

        You do blogging very well, I hope you never stop.

      2. I am glad you like the blog. Did you ever think of doing a book blog with updates about your work? Then it would all tie together. Just a suggestion.

  4. Yes, I’ve thought of doing what you suggest, and I may do that eventually. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Per my hubby’s request, today I reactivated my blog. But the blog that ties in with the book I am currently working on is: I’ve barely begun blogging there, though, because my attention has been on my book. Also the winter months tend to bring me down, which makes it harder for me to write, or do much of anything. But spring is in the air here now, which means I feel more like writing. If I do decide to try your suggestion about tying my book-in-progress in with a blog, Mr and Mrs PTSD is where I will do it.

    My book is a very hard, deeply personal one to write, and sometimes I want to just give up on it. But I feel like I need to tell this story, for my sake, my war-hero husband’s sake, for our children and our grandchildren, who have suffered the generational effects of their parents’ PTSD, and also for others with severe and chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which my husband and I both are diagnosed with.

    PTSD is a “label,” and I think the world has too many labels. Too often the stigma of a “mental illness” label does far more harm than good. But, it does serve to explain the particular kind of life-dysfuntional BROKENNESS that some of us have to deal with every day. Our rescued dog has PTSD, too, from early abuse and abandonment.

    We 3 put the FUN in dysFUNctional!

    1. You keep writing because as you must know it helps to channel the angry, hurt, and frustration through the writing.
      I have been through some stuff, too, that is why I have the second blog, this one gets more traffic, but the other one helps me with the depression. I don’t like labels either.

      1. Yes, and that’s why I had my very-short-lived blog called “I Write To Keep My Head From Exploding.” Because that really is why I write. But then I figured most people wouldn’t understand, so I cancelled it after about 3 hours.

      2. You are writing a book, think that counts!! And yes, nobody wants any head exploding, that gets messy!

  5. Good post and spot on. One thing though – #3 is usually a throwback to the days when there weren’t threaded comments and, in fact, some blog themes don’t have threaded comments so it’s about the only way they can be answered, in batches. That said, yep, there are people who do that anyway.

    I’d add 11. Don’t ever visit the blogs of the people who visit your blog, and in particular, never comment on their posts!

    That said… I’ve been very remiss myself in not visiting many of my commenters blogs, recently.

    1. It is a courtesy to at least check them out and I am pretty guilty about not always commenting on other people’s blogs.

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