Tweeting Your Day! So Get Ready, Set, Go Insane!

stock photo : Woman mad at computer.

There is a reason that so many bloggers, including yours truly, post about what drives people batty on Social Media.

Most posts have a list of the type of people they won’t follow and why they won’t. My list is as long as  anyone’s  probably longer.

But, I’m not going to focus on that.  NO, SIREE, BOB! The no siree Bob has nothing to do with anything, sorry. I have Tourettes, at least I think I do.  HOLY FISH WATER! Yep, guess the doctor was right. “BOOGAQWANA!”

What I am going to focus on is why anyone would Tweet their boring day in a series of continuous tweets? If you do this for all that is good and sane-STOP IT!  Type your 140 characters like the rest of us and wait for a reply!

Otherwise our feeds end up looking something like this:

@talkstoomuch: I just woke up and feeling good, how is everyone out there today in Twitter World? Are you feeling good, I tell you I was until the dog …

@benny’sworld: Ha! Funny! Have you thought about skydiving?

@talkstoomuch: …ate my underwear, it was an old pair, do you think the dog can get ill from that? They hadn’t been washed so I am a little worried about it..



@talkstoomuch:…guess I’ll call the vet.

@bestfriend: RT Rachael’s Best blog post ever! via@raeme67

Harold snippet favored your tweet! 1 hour ago@sucksupThanks!”

@thepushybookgal:You have to read my new book: “Hot desires in a cold town.”

@talkstoomuch: Whew! Vet said all is okay, but just to watch him close, I suppose that means I should get off Twitter now. But, I think I can listen….

@whyamIstillfollowing: Hey, hot girl your hot ha ha ha.@hotgirl

@talkstoomuch: …and hear if he starts gagging or anything like that. I just had a bowl of oatmeal, a glass of juice and some toast, it was yummy!

@crazyassguy: Have you ever imagined your garbage disposal saying,”Feed me Seymour?”

@WTH?: I like spinach#spinachyummy @popye#bigarms

@talkstoomuch:Just ate lunch it was so delicious, grilled cheese, an apple, Oh, my Gosh the dog is choking….

@thepushybookgal:You have to read my new book: “Hot desires in a cold town.”

@spammer:Have you seen this? It will change your life!

@onewhomakesmesmile: Have a happy Friday,Rachael!

@talkstoomuch: That was gross took 2 hours to clean up all the dog vomit, called the vet again and have an appointment so gotta go..sorry…

@thepushybookgal:You have to read my new book: “Hot desires in a cold town.”

@nothingorginal: Is it cold enough for you?

@talkstoomuch:Back from the vet all is okay, was worried for a moment, exhausted going to bed catch you tomorrow.

 What social media behavior drives you batty?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

15 thoughts on “Tweeting Your Day! So Get Ready, Set, Go Insane!

  1. That was actually a pretty entertaining Twitter stream, I’d be happy if mine looked like that in real life! 😀

    Also, buy my book: “Cold bodies in hot town”…yeah, I have no clue either.

    1. I had to try and be a little entertaining, if only our Twitter stream could be thus! 🙂 But, is doomed to be a stream of incoherent #FF, hash-tags, spam bots, crack pots, and I just had a bowl of ice-cream tweets. And who the hell cares?
      Is your book about murders in Honolulu?

  2. I have a close friend I unfollowed, because he would tweet all day long about every single thing he was doing. Or would put those cryptic tweets like “Well, that was interesting.”

    I hate those.

    1. Yeah, I don’t get that, either. I like Twitter but some days it is like trying to navigate in a sea of insanity.

  3. I’ve kicked and dragged myself to Twitter over the last couple of months and I feel like I’m at a cocktail party too overwhelmed by the other conversations to make any sense of anything at all, so let’s have another drink, shall we?
    Fun post.

    1. If I can have a diet coke and a Hersheys bar instead, I’m right behind you! I am glad you liked the post! 😀

  4. Hahaha…”Hot desires in a cold town”? I love it! And, for your information, I am @talkstoomuch! Hahaha…Hilarious Rachael. Very clever tweets. My TL is pretty boring. No one seems to have a sense of humor…..that’s not overly profane. Just had to share your post on twitter. 🙂

  5. Yep, that about sums it up. I sure hope I never end up being @thepushybookgal. But I worry I could end up the @i’llboreyoutotearsgal, because some days I feel like I don’t have anything even remotely interesting to tweet. At those times, I guess it’s best to remain silent.

      1. Phew! Nor was yours when I read through the list. 🙂 Of course, I’m being a bad tweep today. Haven’t even had much time to get over there yet. Tomorrow I guess.

      2. I have days where I stay away on purpose, those are my normal days. Don’t have enough of those.

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